Special Effects Better than the Dialogue. I, Frankenstein in 3D Review.

I Frankenstein I Frankenstein

Article by Pascale Jacob.

Demons fighting gargoyles and creatures and humans in one city! Add to it a good looking scientist and you have a cocktail for a lot of action! The creature that Dr. Frankenstein created two hundred years ago is still alive!

I recently saw I, Frankenstein and was pleased with the movie. The lead character Adam (Aaron Eckhart star of Battle: Los Angeles and Harvey Dent in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight) has a lot of charisma. I’m not talking about his abs, but the mystery behind his facial expressions. Eckhart still manages to soften the cold character up. For example, when Adam gets into the gargoyle’s house, he doesn’t want help. The fact that he always wants to work alone is attractive. That was a plus for me.

aaron eckhart

aaron eckhart

I wanted to know more about the history behind Adam. What happened to him growing up? What did he do and where did he go for two hundred years? That’s a very long time unaccounted for in his life. The narrator at the beginning was some help since he explained who Adam was and why people are afraid of him later in the movie. At some point, and probably to show that he has a human side, Adam claims that he as no soul. This is weird since he lived for two hundred years. He should probably know what a soul is like after living with humans.

I was also very intrigued when Adam meets the scientist in the laboratory for the first time. I was expecting a little bit of romance at some point in the film to soften the story, just like Underworld. I mean, most of action movies with high end special effects have some romance — Batman, Superman, even Robocop. Without some romance in a movie, a film can be very robotic. Unfortunately the plot goes a little bit off in the middle of the movie. When Adam is alone with the scientist in the dark factory, there is a lot of talking for nothing and there should of been some romance. Instead, Adam is sleeping while the scientist reads the book that explains Dr. Frankenstein’s notes about the creature’s creation.

Another problem is that sometimes Adam makes decisions that make no sense. For example, minutes after he’s just killed a demon, he should run and hide someplace else since the demons keep running after him throughout the whole film. He doesn’t.

The action and special effects are excellent. This film is entertaining and it reminds me a lot of Underworld movies, but without the romance. Because I, Frankenstein is an action movie, don’t expect awesome dialogue with deep conversation. The plot is not that hard to understand. It is based on the rules of good and evil and everyone knows the rules! Overall, it is a bit dark, but interesting. I’m generally a fan of special effects in an action movie. Overall, this is a great movie despite its short comings and the fact that the story line drops a little in the middle of it. If you are an Underworld fan or if you are a special effects fan this movie is for you.

I, Frankenstein is playing in theatres now.