Stomp Records is More Than Legal and Ready to Party

Is there anything better than a birthday party (with live music and beer)? Nope! Friday night we can celebrate Stomp Record’s 19th birthday bash together (with live music and beer).

This is indeed a well deserved party.

Stomp Recrods poster

Stomp Records 19th Anniversary

In 1995 Stomp Records was founded with the cause of bringing ska bands together and giving their loving to Canadian Ska bands, they released the All-Skanadian Volume 1 that year,  a collection of all-Canadian ska and ska punk songs from across the country.

The Stomp Team consists of Matt Collyer, Mike Magee, Alex, Julia and Lora, a small and mighty team as they’ve been able to accomplish so much for an arm’s length list of bands. Stomp Records was the main distributor of ska music in the 1990s, with the bands The Planet Smashers, The Kingpins and King Apparatus under its auspices.

Today Stomp Records is continually growing with new bands added to their roster including the BCASA, the Dreadnoughts, Creepshow, The RealMcKenzies, the Hellbound Hepcats, and Brains, among others. Not only do the bands release and tour in Canada, but the US, Japan, South America, Australia and Europe too. Lucky for Montreal, this is Stomp Record’s home and they’ve got a gift for us this Friday with a line up of awesome bands.

Dig It Up is a Montreal punk band, and a new found gem for myself. I can’t stop listening to their album, and I know when they go on there’s going to be a lot of flailing limbs and jumping around when these guys play.

Beatdown is a 4-piece northern (heavy) reggae Montreal band formed in 2009. You’re going to dance, and bob your head everywhere.

Miracles are a ska-rock-reggae-punk band and the baby of Hugo Mudie and Fred Jacques, from the bands the Sainte Catherines and Yesterday’s Ring. With a Facebook proclaimed influence of jean jackets, barmaids and Frank Sinatra, they’ll be magic.

The Nailheads — this 3-piece old school punk rock band consists of Ritchy Nails, Raffy Mars and Lucky. (I will definitely be checking out Ritchy’s nails).

And lastly East End Radicals are a 4-piece punk rock band, another good flailing arms band. Their song Up and Over it will be the perfect end to the evening.

It’s going to be a great night/early morning to drink a cold beer (or copious amounts) and give a warm bonne fete to Stomp Records.

The Stomp Records birthday party is at La Sala Rossa (4848 St. Laurent). 8pm. $13/15