The Artistorian’s Weekly Picks October 6 to 12

This week, take part in a cinema workshop, learn about performative writing, have some tea and biscuits at the McCord and much more!

This week, explore handmade cinema, writing as performance, and a whole host of vernissages around the city.


LINK & PIN: A talk towards the performative, talk

RATS 9, October 6 at 8 PM

Join artist Teena Lange as she discusses Performative Writing and her work. “Everyone can write,” says the event description, and it seems as though Lange will be showing us how to turn this writing into performance. She is a performance art curator, researcher and artistic director for Grüntaler9 in Berlin.

David W. Marvin: A Chronicler of Montreal, talk

McCord Museum, October 6 at 2 PM

Arwen Fleming, guest curator from Concordia University (and classmate of mine!), is lecturing on the life and work of David Wallace Marvin. Through Marvin’s photographs, we can get a sense of life in Montreal in the 60s and 70s; and the museum has almost 6000 of them! The site also points out that tea and biscuits are served, so what are you waiting for.


Exposition de la Canadian Society for Art of Imagination, vernissage

Économusée du fier monde, October 7 from 5 to 11 PM


Canadian and international artists join together for this 10-day-log exhibit. The vernissage is tomorrow night, and the Canadian Society for Art of Imagination invites us all for a drink and what promises to be a great immersive experience.


New Ground, vernissage

Bisson at Galerie Bernard

Galerie Bernard, October 7 from 5 to 8 PM

Manuel Bisson’s solo exhibit runs from October 8 to November 7, but head to the vernissage tomorrow night if you can! Bisson‘s abstract paintings are geometric, investigating both form and colour. They are interesting explorations of space and the canvas surface. Not to miss!


Metamorphosis, vernissage

Pease at Beaux-arts des Amériques


Beaux-arts des Amériques, October 8 from 5 to 7 PM

Rachael Pease opens her solo show Thursday night. Her incredibly realistic and detailed black and white drawings symbolize, through the image of the tree, her journey from childhood to motherhood. The exhibit is on until November 14.


Cine Expandido, workshop

Estern Bloc: Handmade Cinema

Eastern Bloc, October 10-11 from 10 AM to 6 PM

Luz Y Fuerza, an art collective from Mexico, is holding an introduction to handmade cinema. Using a handcrafted projection device, that will be built on site, participants will create their own works to be displayed at Eastern Bloc on Sunday night. Buy your tickets here, space is limited.

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