The Rolling Stones Revisit Sticky Fingers

Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers Deluxe Edition Rolling Stones - Sticky Fingers Deluxe Edition

1971’s Sticky Fingers needs no introduction; it is arguably one of the most famous Stones albums, in part due to its striking (and controversial at the time) cover designed by Andy Warhol.  Die hard fans already have the album, probably in multiple configurations, and this release is listed as using the 2009 remasters, so nothing new here.

As is the norm, a second disc is included containing alternate versions and live tracks, and this is where this edition gets interesting. An alternate version of Brown Sugar with Eric Clapton offers a quite different take on the classic song, and a glimpse into how the song evolved into its final version. An acoustic mix of Wild Horses, stripped of most of its arrangement, gives the song a more intimate feel that’s quite interesting. The extended version of Bitch lets us hear the band past the fade out of the original, jamming until the musicians drop out one by one. Anyone who’s ever played in a garage band will be relieved to realize this happens to even the legends of rock!

Five songs recorded live at The Roundhouse in 1971 are also included, and feature the Stones during one of their best live periods. Multiple versions are available (see here for details). The Super Deluxe Edition also features Get Yer Leeds Lungs Out!, the 13-track audio recording of the Stones’ gig in Leeds in March 1971.



1. Brown Sugar
2. Sway
3. Wild Horses
4. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
5. You Gotta Move
6. Bitch
7. I Got The Blues
8. Sister Morphine
9. Dead Flowers
10. Moonlight Mile

1. Brown Sugar (With Eric Clapton)
2. Wild Horses (Acoustic)
3. Can’t You Hear Me Knocking (Alternative Version)
4. Bitch (Extended Version)
5. Dead Flowers (Alternative Version)
6. Live With Me (live)
7. Stray Cat Blues (live)
8. Love In Van (live)
9. Midnight Rambler (live)
10. Honky Tonk Women (live)

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