The Tragedy of Our Generation : Freedom

The Tragedy of Our Generation by Nadia Perron The Tragedy of Our Generation by Nadia Perron

In the future, 2017 will probably come to be known as the era of being anti-cool (but actually dying to be cool). Fast life. An era of youth uprising and rebellion. The typical “wild and free”.

In fact, the greatest thing about living in this era is that we can instantly witness the constant impact which we have on the world. Simply by accepting others as themselves, we are educating those around us. Part of why society changed so much and has finally started to become more open minded is because we are showing empathy and understanding of each other’s differences. Being a nerd or looking different is now trendy and you can even get Insta-famous for it, if you’re lucky. I guess that it’s fair to say that we are making progress in this regard. After all, it’s well known that our generation feels the need of making a statement, to be heard and seen. We want to be cool, to live fast and to speak up out. And the reason is that ultimately all we want is to feel free. We constantly push the limits. We want to feel alive, we want to feel free and, more importantly, we want to show others just how emancipated we have become.

Free appearance, free action, free speech and of course, free emotion. Problem is, we kind of got lost in translation when it comes to emotional freedom. It’s no longer shocking to see someone dating multiple partners without any commitment. If anything, we are often surprised to see someone getting involved in a serious relationship. It’s all about Tindr fever, one night stands, dates without promises and the terrible fear of being trapped in a relationship. 2017 is a whole new game when it comes to dating. And there’s no better word to describe it then games – “Will I look needy if I text him?” “I’ll answer in a couple minutes, otherwise I may come across as desperate.” “I am not going to make myself vulnerable by expressing my feelings first.” “We don’t need to see each other all the time, I’m independent you know.”

If you ask me, it’s all bullshit. Silly, frustrating and noxious bullshit. How is it ok to give away your body on the first day but not ok to want to commit to someone after couple days? In fact, I find it pretty ironic that our drive for freedom has trapped our emotions. We can no longer express our true feelings without appearing as needy or weak. If there is no judgement and everyone is free to do whatever they want with their bodies, why is there judgment when someone gives away their heart?

If you have a crush on someone, tell him. If you love someone so much that it keeps you awake at night, tell them. There is nothing weak or needy about loving and committing to someone. Being free doesn’t mean to come and go without questions asked. Being free means being able to act, think and FEEL without any restrain.
So, love without restraint. Stop acting tough. Tell people that you need them. Trust me, they’re probably dying for you to say it. Be wildly crazy in love and I promise you, life will be so much more meaningful.