TO DO Tonight: MTL Viking Fest 2015

viking fest viking fest

Party like a viking at Montreal’s Viking Fest 2015. 

In true Greenland fashion, come bring it like it’s Valhalla with five heavy bands: Wilderun (USA), ÆTHER REALM (USA), Valfreya (Mtl), Distoriam (Mtl), and The Wild Hunt (Mtl). It’s Wilderun’s first trip to Montreal and they have a new single out from their upcoming album, Sleep at the Edge of the Earth (available July 4).  Starting at 6, there’s also free BBQ, so you can eat your meat on the bone and as uncooked as you like it. There are no veggie dogs, but there are good ol’ meat ones.

Viking Fest takes place at Coop Katacombes (of course) 1635 St. Laurent on June 27 at 6 p.m. Tickets $15.


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