What to do TODAY: It’s Restaurant Day in Montreal

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Every few months, anyone with a recipe and the means to mass produce it can open a restaurant. Today, bitter cold today, is the day for it. We’ve got a few picks worth checking out of the approximately 25 restauranteurs who are giving it a go. Our picks are for restaurants open after 2 p.m. and staying open until at least 5 p.m.

118 Bernard W. apt 2; 11-18
These aren’t just apple pies (they have that too). The pies include Guinness beef pie and a curried veggie pie to start. Then finish it off with an apple/pear pie or a coconut lime cream pie. To drink? apple cider (spiked with whiskey if you want).

Elliot’s Kitchen
4450 Rue de Mentana 11 – 20 p.m.
Elliot’s Kitchen has soup and grilled cheese. The grilled cheese includes the apples and honeyed mushrooms with brie on country bread ($5) or bacon and maple syrup, caramelized onion, and raclette cheese on country bread. The soups clock in at just $3 and consist of a base and a topping. The 3 bases are a squash/ginger/nutmeg; a tomato and apple and feta; and finally a cleriac and pear. What can you throw on top? Croutons, blue cheese, cream, shallots, or avocado, chorizo, bacon, herbs. Last time’s hit, the Oreo cheesecake is back, as well as a Reese’s cupcake.

4532 Laval Ave, 12-19 p.m.
A few people come together to put this one together. It’s got a latin stew (not sure what that is). There are different flavoured pretzels, soups, gnocchi. St Donut is making “love and lust” heart-shaped cookies. There’s also a latte bar that has both boozy coffee and cocktails. Finally, a dj so you can shake it and keep it warm.

Chez Moi On Mange à l’italienne
4517 l’Hotel de Ville. 10:30 – 20:30
Italian goods, though it requires a reservation for this one. Spinach and ricotta lasagna, vegetarian bean soup, traditional tiramisu, and pears in wine. Just $5 each. Check out the facebook page HERE.

2055 St Mathieu St, appt. 104 (code 0104) Montreal, Quebec,

Mexico and Venezuelan dishes are on tap. These include $4 tacos (beef and cheese), $4 tostadas (beef/beans and beans), and even a Mexican-inspired hot chocolate. Different desserts include lime tarts.

Gandalf and Sam Dessert Party

Gandalf and Sam Dessert Party

Les bons desserts de Gandalf & Sam
1264 Rue Beaudry; 12-19
Delicious deserts and hot drinks of all sorts. On their facebook page, they claim to want to meet new people in Montreal, celebrate the anniversary of Gandalf, and to find out what desserts Montrealers like best. They have waffles!!!

Le 4258 se dore la miette
4258 Christophe Colomb, 17-21
Tartines, anyone? Think Sesame bread with a mix of onions, chevre, and almonds. Another features pears, figs, and roquefort. The last of these has a black olive pesto, a pepper fondue, and chorizo. Just $4 a tartine (or $4 for 3 half tartines). To finish it off, pastries such as one that is almost entirely made of chocolate, another with lemon, and a third with pistachio and strawberry. Drinks too.

La Bouche des Goûts
4544 de Lanaudière, 11-18
You can start off with vegetarian black bean soup with cumin, coriander, also feta ($2/4). The real seller should be the boeuf bourgignon, cooked in red wine with carrots, lardons, and petits onions. That’s the real deal. Served with rice and just $4. Carrot cake for dessert and some hot wine to keep you warm. Sounds amazing.

Chen Chew X Maya
1676 Mt Royal E, 11:30-18
Soups on the menu here in 16 oz bowls and served with local bread from Le Pétrin Fou ($6.50 each). What kind of soup? FOr vegans, sweet potato and lentil curry. For vegetarians, butternut squash and carrot cream. For the omnivores/carnivores: Beef Barley Ministrone or Japanese Mizutaki Chicken. Yum. Oh, should I mention the matcha cupcakes with lemon glaze? Yes I will.

Paul’s Miniburgers
7178 Casgrain, 12-20
This is the 5th time these guys are taking part in restaurant day and all their proceeds are going to the ride to conquer cancer. The mini burgers are $3, but you can also pick up hand cut potato fries for $2, a chocolate cookie for $1, and a “pop up drink” for $2. Yes, it’s all served outside, at an “ice bar” so bundle up.

Or Sale à Manger
1292 Beaubien E, apt 1, 15-21
This is another collective that is offering up a few unusual dishes that can be combined into a single plate. There’s sweet potato soup, yellow beet salad, and mac and cheese brochettes— fried. There’s also some music to warm the whole experience up.


La Polcanería / Vegan Yucatecan Cuisine
6089 Park Ave, 13-19
This is a third timer. Polcanes are Mexican snack foods — deep fried breads stuffed with white beans, pumpkin seeds, and spices. Piedra are a small version of the polcanes. Both are on order.

Small Secrets and Bar Barbara Bar à Vin
33 Shamrock, 18-1 a.m.
After you’ve eaten it all, time to have a drink. There’s wine and a bit of food.

Restaurant day takes place a few times a year, so keep your eyes out for the next one.

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