When Peppy Canadian Pop Comes to Town: Interview with Michael Bernard Fitzgerald

michael bernard fitzgerald. Photo Mark Maryanovich. michael bernard fitzgerald. Photo Mark Maryanovich.

Fun and catchy tunes by Calgary’s singer-songwriter Michael Bernard Fitzgerald are making their way to our neck of the woods next week. When I first had a listen, I wondered how I had not heard this guy before. Seriously, CanCon get on this so everyone can enjoy! Affectionately known as MBF by fans, this busy touring Canuck was kind enough to interview with us via email.

Stephanie Weiner (SW): Your music is often described as happy, peppy pop. I know I smile listening to it. Set the stage for us, you have an idea for a song, what happens next? Are your songs autobiographical?

Michael Bernard Fitzgerald (MBF): I do write a lot of love songs. Some of it is autobiographical, but a lot of it starts with a feeling and I get to story tell a bit.


SW: Which musical artists have inspired you most? Have you had a chance to meet or work with any of them? If so, what was that like for you?

MBF: In Canada I get inspired by Joel Plaskett and Elliott Brood. Joel is just such a nice guy, and a great songwriter to look up to. The Brood puts on one of my favourite live shows. I’ve been on stage with both, definitely cherished memories.


michael bernard fitzgerald. Photo Mark Maryanovich.

michael bernard fitzgerald. Photo Mark Maryanovich.


SW: You’re touring the country and bringing in many local artists to perform with you as part of your #WAYTOOBIG #WAYTOOLOUD series. What was your inspiration? What has been your greatest challenge in all this? Your greatest triumph?

MBF: We’ve done these massive shows in Calgary a few times, but this is our first time touring something this big. There have been many challenges along the way, but we are working with great people, and each night will be very rewarding.


SW: When this tour is finished, what’s next for you?

MBF: I do one US show at the end of the run and then I’m going to kick back for a week.


SW: What are you most looking forward to doing while in our fair city?

MBF: I love Montreal. Can’t get enough of that city. I will definitely set aside some time to just wander. I’ve got some favourite spots, so I’ll do my rounds and thoroughly enjoy my time.


SW: What can fans expect from November 13?

MBF: We are going to have a great night. I’ll play a few love songs, and then bring two drummers and a bass player on stage to get it moving. We don’t take it too seriously, just here to have a good time with good people.

For tickets click here. Michael Bernard Fitzgerald plays at Quai des Brumes (4481 Rue Saint-Denis), November 13. 9pm. $12.