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Montreal Rampage is a volunteer-powered web magazine that publishes content daily about art and culture in Montreal and more broadly things of interest to Montrealers. We focus on the local scene and the people who contribute to life in this city. Art and culture are Montreal’s crown jewels. People are drawn to our beautiful city for the vibrant music and visual arts scenes, innovative theatre, internationally celebrated dancers and choreographers, risky filmmakers, and carousel of festivals. The hard work and talent of our gifted city residents deserves recognition and the benefit of criticism.


The Montreal Rampage Team

Editor in Chief : Rachel Levine

Dance Editor: Nancy Berman

Film Editor: Alice Reiter

Literature and History Editor: T.A. Wellington

Writers and Columnists: Althea Wilson Forbes, Angela Potvin, Angelique Koumouzelis, Anna Fuerstenberg, Annie Webb, Chris Aitkens, Conor Coady,  Fiona Ross, Jean-Frederic Vachon, Lili Hudecova, Maryline Chery, Nancy Berman, Nadia Blostein, Nicole Yeba, Rachel Levine, Robyn Homeniuk, Sinj Karan, Steven Lee, T.A. Wellington

Photography Team : Angelique Koumouzelis, Lily Huynh, Marlene Wilson, Melissa Martella, Magali Crevier, Sebastian Mora,

Alumni and on vacation:  A.C. Onoff, Alisa Donkers, Alice Isac, Althea Thompson, Andrea Stanford, Andres Roget, Angela Beaupre, Annie Shreeve (we miss you!), Ariane Prefontaine,Ashley Gaujean, Belinda Belice, Brian Clarke, Brigitte Naggar, Brittany Lee, Cassandra Marsillo, Carlos Fuentes Valesco, Chloe Touma, Chris Aitkens, Ceilidh Michelle, Celina Flores, Chloe Touma, Cindy Voitus, C.L. Illsley, Debra Heather, Derrick Soares, Diamond Yao, Elizabeta Golubkov, Emma Elbourne, Emma June Huebner, Esther Szeben, Evelyn Richardson Haughey, Fernando Landin, Gabriel Samek, German Silva, Henry Kronk, Ianitza Hristova, Jaimie Hale, Jennifer Guillet, Jeremy Lefebvre, Joel Mak, Josh McLeod, Julia Bryant, Julie Santini, Ken Gaucher, Kim Hachey, Kyle Lapointe, Laura Dumitriu, Laurence Philomene, Lyla McQueen Shah, M Talakoub, Marcia LaFortune, Madisyn Aliya, Marisa Samek, Mert Kimyaci, Michael Bakouch, Mike Carrozza, Michael Eidelson, Mylene Chevreul, Nick Janke, Nigel Birkenshaw, Nina Chabel, Oksana Lysenko, Paulette Hall, Priscilla Guilbeault, Rebecca Akong, Sarah Haidar, Samantha Scalasie, Sarah Bemri, Saul Feinstein, Simon Wright, Sorin Olaru, Stephanie Weiner, Stevie James,Tony Wang, Victoria Dvorsky, Victoria Shinkaruk, Vivika Ballard, Yolanda Marie Ruzilo
Zoe Schultz,

We’re always looking for people to join the team, so give us a shout at montrealrampage@gmail.com

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