April Fools: Let This Rock Cabaret Rock Your Night Away!

April Fools. Eva Foote and Company. Photo by Leslie Schachter April Fools. Eva Foote and Company. Photo by Leslie Schachter

Choice paralysis is real — we’ve all had those times when our attempts to decide where to spend a night out have been stymied by indecision. Should we go to the movie theatre, go to a concert or try out something a bit more risqué for once — say, a gentleman’s club for its raunchy dance performances?

Look no further, my fellow indecisive friends: April Fools is the perfect night-out event for you! This adult rock cabaret and its creative combination of theatre, live music, and both relatable and deliciously erotic themes will fulfill all of your desires.

If there’s one thing April Fools knows how to do better than the average cabaret, it would be pulling in its spectators into the story unfolding on stage. The audience is not merely an audience: this cabaret’s highly interactive nature grants each viewer some agency with regard to its very plot. Indeed, each viewer is invited to download the mobile application “April Fools – Segal Center”, whose usage during the show is essential to enjoy the April Fools experience to the fullest!

The music is vibrant, and the way all of the vocals and instruments are performed live by its actresses and actor on stage adds an impressive layer of complexity to the play.

Audiences should also expect their eyes to be as richly stimulated as their ears, thanks in large part to the clever engineering of light projections for creative and stunning lighting effects. Nevertheless, the — often steamy! — dance performances might be considered by most to be the most visually appealing part of the show, and rightfully so!

Despite a running time of 90 minutes with no intermission, viewers might still feel like the experience was all but too short upon leaving the showroom. The play touches on themes most of us are familiar with, from longing and infatuation, to morality and unsteady faith. As the characters navigate themselves through circumstances and struggles that are equally so intimate to all of us, a tender attachment to them is almost inevitably present by the end of the show. Alas, as testified by the ending of the April Fools’ storyline itself, the following idiom seemingly emerges as a painful truth: All good things must come to an end.

April Fools runs from May 1 – May 22 at the Segal Centre (5170 Côte St Catherine). Get tickets HERE.

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