Back to School with L’OUMF

Crowd and stage on St. Denis. OUMF. Photo Rachel Levine OUMF. Photo Rachel Levine

La Rentrée. The word strikes fear in the hearts of many. But for teachers and students, it’s like a second New Year. The happy lull between the first day of class and one’s first piece of graded work doesn’t last long, though, and that utopic communal sense of the awesome power of knowledge disappears under a heap of deadlines and triaging one’s time.

Nonetheless, in that short happy lull, Montreal has L’OUMF, a multi-day party in the Quartier des Spectacles largely centred on St. Denis. Music, sports, street artists, and food make this a solid one to slot into the Google calendar (or whatever app you happen to use).

Syzzors. OUMF. 2015. Photo Julia Bryant.

Syzzors. OUMF. 2015. Photo Julia Bryant.

Things mostly pick up on the Thursday, with a solid line-up of shows that last until Saturday. Ile Soniq headlines Thursday night — so expect some good DJing. Friday, Ghostface Killa is at the helm. Saturday, it’s like Dead Obies and VNCE Carter with Mike Shabb and guests. That’s a solid lineup for those who like to dance.

If making art is more your thing, with gouache and chalk, jump into the rue and sign your name to the road. Pica Mag is around doing screenprinting too. If you’d rather watch than participate, check out Niko, who will be painting live for three days.  As for live performance, Mo Lassewa, of Upper Guinea, will travel the street with a parade of percussionists, dancers, acrobats, and masked characters.

The newest edition to the festival is the chill zone. This area will offer art installations, pop up shops, and electric music with PONY curating the content.

OUMF offers plenty more, but with highlights like these and no cost, it’s a festival not to miss.

L’OUMF takes place September 5-8. For details, click HERE.

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