Broken River Finale Review Part 4: And the Killer Is…

Broken River Part 2 - by Montreal Improv 2014 Broken River Part 2 - by Montreal Improv 2014

All secrets were finally revealed when Broken River had its last show on Sunday, in front of a packed house. The actors really went all out, frantically trying to bring all the story threads together for a satisfying end to the improv drama.

After three weeks of trying to figure out who killed Bruce Angstrom, it turns out, like in any good murder-mystery, that the Broken River murderer is: a) a mild-mannered helper b) someone connected to the police force c) a twisted, diabolical schemer.

Broken River - Montreal Improv

Broken River – Montreal Improv

And his name is… Smitty! (James McGee)

Smitty was barely a side character, but since he’s the killer, here’s an attempt to connect him to everyone in Broken River:

Sheriff Ed Stubbs (Vance Gillis)

Local Sheriff Ed is Smitty’s boss on the police force. Most of the time, Smitty comes off like Ed’s loyal, somewhat slow-witted servant, except in the finale, when he explains how he framed Ed for Bruce’s murder by “buddying up” with Ed’s ex-wife, Gail. Smitty’s also crafty enough to use ether on Ed to knock him out and slam him into the trunk of his getaway car. Luckily, Ed doesn’t fully pass out and he tackles Smitty so he can arrest him.

Special Agent Denise Carver (Lar Vi)

Carver only knows Smitty through Ed, and he’s the sweet, puppy-dog local deputy who’s always got a kind smile and a “Hi, Denise!” for her. By the time she finds out Smitty’s the Broken River killer, she’s got her hands behind her back and Smitty’s threatening to throw her right into the river where Bruce died.

Gail (Kyla Margaret)

Smitty preyed on Gail’s fragile state of mind in order to gain access to her house and plant some evidence (slingshot) in case framing Sheriff Ed didn’t work out. When the evidence becomes overwhelming and Gail goes to jail, Smitty’s almost convinced he got away with everything. It’s Wheeler’s idea to see Gail publicly humiliated, so she has her taken to the stocks. Gail manages to escape and runs down to the riverbank to throw herself in, but she’s saved…and kidnapped by Smitty.

Broken River - Montreal Improv

Broken River – Montreal Improv

Boyd Duffy (James McGee)

Boyd and Ed reminisce about Gail and they both feel sorry for how messed up she’s become. Boyd puts together the bail money to free Gail, but she’s already escaped and headed to the riverbank. Still, a hero is born, though, because once Smitty is busted, Boyd catches up to him and beats him to a pulp. Justice!

Crystal (Ariel De Roo)

Crystal thinks Gail is innocent, and since she’s going to be a mother soon, it’s hard for Crystal to imagine that Gail would kill Bruce, her own flesh and blood. Crystal must’ve lied about the paternity of her baby, because before Boyd goes to rescue Gail, she tells him that she’s sorry for everything with Bruce and she wants Boyd to be with her and raise their baby as man and wife. Crystal also lets everyone know that Smitty escaped police custody when he was busted. Boyd served justice, though.

Mayor Barb Wheeler (Kyla Margaret)

As suspected, Wheeler is the criminal mastermind. She’s the one who corrupts Smitty into murdering Bruce for revenge. Smitty was in love with Bruce, but had been rejected. At the same time, Wheeler’s grand plan was to get re-elected by bringing the Olympics to Broken River, starring a world-class power-lifting champion, Bruce Angstrom. But when she found out Bruce was using steroids courtesy of Boyd, she decided to have him killed to hide her association with him. As Smitty goes down for the murder, so does Wheeler, who is humiliated in front of everyone by Sheriff Ed, who plans to run for Mayor himself.

Broken River - Montreal Improv

Broken River – Montreal Improv

As with Mayor Ed, Gail decides to join the police academy, Boyd and Crystal run off together, Carver’s gonna help Ed with his mayoral campaign, and Wheeler, well, with her mask off, she’s a dog. Random!

Broken River’s installments took place for several Sundays from November 11 to 30 (final show) at Montreal Improv (3697 Boulevard Saint-Laurent) at 8:30 pm. Tickets: $8 (available at the door). For more information, click HERE