Charlotte Day Wilson’s Soulful R&B

Charlotte Day Wilson. Photo Michael Eidelson. Charlotte Day Wilson. Photo Michael Eidelson.

Charlotte Day Wilson brought her talents to a sold out crowd at the Phi Centre last Saturday night in Montréal. The space was filled to the brim with fans of the soulful R&B singer who took the time to introduce herself to a very grateful room of people. She enticed the audience with new material that hasn’t been uploaded onto the web yet. From the sounds of the new tracks Wilson seems to be experimenting with new elements in her sound. Creating a more diverse range within her music it’s feels groovy while also sustaining a space to feel sensual and fragile all at once. Hopefully the new tracks she played will have an official release sometime soon!

Nearly every track on her debut album CDW was played at the show. The lead single “Work” was stunning to see be performed in such a intimate venue. People from the crowd sang along to the beautiful track and didn’t skip a single beat for any word. “After All” was funk jam that everyone was able to vibe with as Wilson flexed her wonderful vocals. The crowd was receptive to everything she was throwing our way, between songs she would take a minute and explain how humbled she was for us to show up. Her presence was as warm as the new summer air Montréal has been feeling as of lately.

The BADBADNOTGOOD track “In Your Eyes” off their last album IV made it’s way to the stage with help of Wilson’s fellow bandmates. That was a track that had me sold on the whole experience of the show since it was my favorite song off the latest BBNG album, seeing it live was a highlight of the night. “Find You” was one of the last tracks on the setlist and was an appropriate way to finish off the night on a high note. The build towards the last minute and a half of the song felt triumphant to be witnessing.

For the last song of the night Wilson was the only one present on stage. She performed a medley on her guitar for the audience as a personal thank you to everyone for making the night special. The room stood still throughout the performance of the elegant song. The connection between artist and audience felt so endearing to be apart of while Wilson thanked the audience one last time before leaving the stage. Next time she makes her way to town she’ll hopefully play at a bigger venue like she deserves. This will give you the chance to grab a ticket and make your way to her enchanting lyrics.