Cinema Politica Tonight: Diamonds vs. Dire Straits in the Canadian North

After the Last River. After the Last River.

Cinema Politica (CP) continues its mission of bringing stories of social justice and immediate concern to the public with its weekly screenings. In Montreal, Concordia University is the main hub, though McGill and the other universities have CP screenings too.

Though the season started last week, tonight’s screening is one you won’t want to miss. After The Last River by director Vicki Lean looks at how a De Beers diamond mine and an indigenous community of the Attawapiskat come into conflict over things like toxic mold (think Erin Brockovitch for an American version of regular folks squaring up against big companies) and a general housing crisis. The once completely remote indigenous community ends up in the spotlight. “We’re not rich, it’s just the land that’s rich,” says one community member. “They don’t hear the story down South.”

The film raised money through an indiegogo campaign. The zero-budget feature has garnered attention since it was completed in August 2015, and now is at Cinema Politica making sure that this story gets heard.

This year, the line up at Concordia includes the very exciting Naomi Klein/Avi Lewis film This Changes Everything based on Klein’s latest book on capitalism and climate; the Ninth Floor about institutional racism at Concordia University; and Art War where Egyptian street artists use their media to participate in the Egyptian revolution.

All screenings can be found HERE. After the Last River screens on Monday Sept 28 at 7 p.m. in the Hall building of Concordia University (1455 De Maisonneuve W, Room H-110). PWYC.

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