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Toronto and Montreal music lovers, get ready to experience the infectious energy and emotive storytelling of CMAT as she brings her acclaimed live show to your cities. Born Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson and hailing from Dublin, CMAT is poised to captivate Canadian audiences with her distinctive blend of country and pop music on April 2nd at The Opera House in Toronto and April 3rd at Bar le Ritz in Montreal.

From the age of 12, the Irish country-pop sensation realised the therapeutic power of songwriting, a skill which she has used to create a unique body of work – one EP, two full length albums, and a stand alone single – whose themes range from cowboys and KFC to the breakdown of one’s mental health or a seriously terrible relationship. CMAT dedicated herself to music, often running from a shift at a cafe to perform in a pub, spending all her money on the path to stardom.

Before there was CMAT, the singer was one half of the indie duo Bad Sea, where she honed her craft alongside a former partner. However, it was through a tumultuous period marked by a mental breakdown that CMAT found her voice as a solo artist.  A chance encounter with pop star Charli XCX served as a catalyst for her artistic transformation, with Charli’s advice to “sort her shit out” propelling CMAT towards a new chapter in her career.

Described as Ireland’s answer to Dolly Parton or Shania Twain, CMAT’s music seamlessly blends elements of country, pop, and Americana. Her lyrics cut straight to the heart, while her melodies evoke a range of emotions from joy to sorrow.She remains true to herself and skillfully works in whimsy and fun. Influenced by artists like The Nolan’s, John Grant, and June Carter, CMAT’s sound is both nostalgic and refreshingly original.

CMAT’s 2022 debut album, “If My Wife New I’d Be Dead,” shot to the top of the Irish charts, earning her the prestigious RTE Choice Music Prize for Irish Album of the Year. And that title is not a typo, it literally hit the singer in the head – named after an inscription in a book that was thrown on her head by another Dublin Bus patron whilst she was on the way to a mental health intervention set up by her friends and family. The album features iconic CMAT tracks I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Baby! , I Don’t Really Care For You and Nashville – which is a good place to start listening.

Her sophomore release, “Crazy Mad, For Me”  was released in October 2023, following suit and getting CMAT her second number one in the Irish charts. The album recounts the humbling experience of a relationship, its subsequent demise, regrets, and time travel. Songs like California, Vincent Kompany and Have Fun!  show off the fun side of CMAT’s style, whilst fan-favourite Rent showcases her vocal range and the triumph that comes with realising some people are just bad for you, actually. 

The record garnered widespread acclaim and landed her several Choice Prize nods, plus a nomination for Best International Artist at the Brit Awards alongside music legends like Kylie Minogue, SZA, and Taylor Swift. CMAT used this opportunity in a way only an Irish pop star could, she embodied the country’s love for the craic (which means having a good time) and wore a dress with a very low cut back that had her arse out.

This is the exact energy the singer brings to her live shows. CMAT has perfected her ability for her personality to shine through every aspect of her music. One of her early singles, Another Day (kfc), was released in 2020 when live streams were as close as we got to live music, so CMAT celebrated by doubling down on fried chicken and Diet Coke on Instagram live. This really shines through no matter where she’s playing whether it’s in a small church in the south west of Ireland or theatres in cities around the world. 

For CMAT, live performances are more than just concerts – they’re full-blown pantomimes. With high-energy theatrics and plenty of cowboy hats in the audience, her shows are an immersive experience that leaves audiences wanting more. She has a way of commanding a crowd, there’s never a CMAT concert without at least two-stepping once. 

Outside of music, CMAT enjoys thrift shopping, reading, and being an all-around legend. She counts Declan McKenna among her close friends and has toured extensively across Europe and America, selling out venues and leaving audiences begging for an encore.

As fans eagerly await her upcoming performances in Canada, CMAT has hinted at new music on the horizon. With her infectious energy and undeniable talent, it’s safe to say that CMAT is poised for even greater success in the years to come.

Don’t lose your chance to catch CMAT live in Toronto and Montreal – it’s a show you won’t want to miss!

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