Comedy Undercover: The Bar Biftek Comedy Festival

Danger Dulgar Comedy at Bifteck by Carlos Fuentes Danger Dulgar Comedy at Bifteck by Carlos Fuentes

Kris Dulgar hosts independent comedy stand-up nights at Bar Biftek. This has grown into a comedy festival the Montreal Undercover, which features some of our local talents as well as some of Montreal’s comedy stars (Mike Ward and Mike Paterson).

The first night, Panel Night, is hosted by Kris Dulgar and Ryan Bannon. Panel night is a rather unique form of comedy, consisting of two parts. In the first part is Danger Dulgar’s storytelling, where comics get to tell a 60-second story without repeating, hesitating, or deviating from the topic. It’s an exercise that undermines the sharpest minds who do their best to stifle every “erm” and “um”. This is followed by Tough Crowd, a panel discussion on contemporary news and events. Tommy Marshall, Habib Siam, Morgan O’Shea, and Scott Andrew Carter will be put to the test June 7 at 8 p.m.

After this are three nights of great line ups, each with its own theme. On June 8 is Barely Legal, hosted by Bruno Ly, features new comics on Montreal’s scene. Look for Habib Siam, Ellie MacDonald, Jakub Strachurski, Emma Wen, Simren Sandhu, Nicolas David, Reese Turner to show off their talents. Repeat offenders appear on June 9 at Veterans Night, hosted by Kris Dulgar. Morgan O’Shea, Rodney Ramsey, G. Hamilton Briathwaite, and Mike Ward are on the mike. Finally, June 10 is Fireworks Night with Sara Quinn, Kris Dulgar, Alain Mercieca, Adam Susser, DJ Brace, and Mike Paterson. G. Hamilton Briathwaite hosts. All shows take place at 8 p.m.

Don’t miss these funny guys and gals while supporting the independent scene at Bar Biftek (3702 St Laurent, 2nd floor). All shows 8 p.m., and cost a very merciful $5. You can check our old reviews of Danger Dulgar comedy HERE.

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