Debra DiGiovanni : The Queen of Canadian Comedy

Deb DiGiovanni Deb DiGiovanni

Pointe-Claire born and self-deprecating comic Debra DiGiovanni will be returning for her 9th run at this year’s Just for Laughs festival. As a Video on Trial alum and a three-time winner of the Canadian Comedy Award DiGiovanni is certainly not one to miss out on. No other comedian has the ability to tear their own appearance apart but show nothing but pure confidence.

The Last Comic Standing finalist who grew up in Southern Ontario now lives in Los Angeles and states that the thing she misses most is water — fair enough. In a world where stand-up comedy is still male dominated and many of the female comics are lesbians, Debra has found herself to be a special gem that is like no other. Debra has no problem being mistaken for a gay woman, as she states that its due to having dominant presence and personality which is usually only attributed to males.

It’s safe to assume that DiGiovanni has a tough skin living in a city where appearances are everything and a huge part of her occupation is built on not taking herself too seriously. She states what most people would never have the guts to say with lines like, “I did lose a little bit of weight recently, but then I found it again… it was in the fridge.”

What makes DiGiovanni special is that she tackles popular topics in a fresh and very relatable way with her fiery Italian descent passion.

Make sure to catch some of DiGiovanni’s contagious energy at one of her shows playing all week.

Debra DiGiovanni is performing on July 24th – July 29th at Place des Arts Salle
Claude Léveilée. She is also appearing on the All Access Live hosted by Moshe Kasher on July 27 at Club Soda. Tickets and showtimes can be found HERE. Just for Laughs continues until July 31.