Yamaneika Saunders Getting Nasty with JFL

Yamenika Saunders Yamenika Saunders

Just for Laughs is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year with a diverse line-up of comedians. The Nasty Show is back with uncensored stories by comedians Big Jay Oakerson, Godfrey, Jimmy Carr, Robert Kelly and Yamaneika Saunders. Hosted by Ari Shaffir, audiences are expected to come with a free and empty mind.

Yamaneika Saunders, born and raised in Maryland, is back on the Nasty Show. However, this year she’s the only female among the comedians. “So I can be very nasty,” she says of not having to share the stage with another female. She is excited to work with the team, especially with Godfrey and Robert Kelly who are amazing New York comics.

Saunders co-starred in the docu-series Funny Girls, which follows six female comedians in their everyday life. She’s been on the stage for over a decade. She studied in theatre and started doing comedy in Los Angeles.

The Nasty Show is intended for a mature audience since it deals with explicit subjects but not only sex, as most people think when they hear “nasty“. The comedians get to be honest and upfront about things happening in their lives or around them. It means that they don’t to be clean and proper in their sketches. “It’s not PG because it’s not easy for you to digest,“ explains Saunders. She says the Nasty Show is lots of fun because they don’t have about to worry about what they’ll say.

Saunders sees herself as a nice person. She is Christian and she prays before going on stage. Then she leaves it out all on the floor. “It’s not a show to bring your grandma, unless she’s nasty,” adds Saunders.

Saunders will have different wigs and dress cute during her shows. Will you be able to recognize her every night is a good question.

P.S. She is single and looking for a boyfriend.

Saunders has a weekly podcast called Rantin’ and Ravin’ with Yamaneika and Friends, which gives you a good sense of who she is as a person. She raves and rants about everything from current events to pop culture and her personal life. On July 28, she will be presenting her show Rantin’ and Ravin’ with Yamaneika and friends at Just for Laughs. You can listen to her podcast here.

The Nasty Show is at Metropolis (59 Ste-Catherine East) on July 20 at 8:30 p.m.; July 21 & 22 at 7:00 and 9:30 p.m.; and July 25 to 27 at 9:30 p.m. Prices (taxes & fees excluded) = $44.99-60.49. Buy your tickets online.