Dillon Francis’ “Friends Rule Tour” Rolling Into Montreal On Sunday

Dillon Francis Dillon Francis

This Sunday (November 30th) Dillon Francis will be playing a set at New City Gas. If you haven’t heard of Dillon Francis yet, take a listen to his new album “Money Sucks, Friends Rule”. This album dropped about a month ago now, and it has a huge mix of styles on it. Known for a certain moombahton style, he mixes this with deep house and a bit of pop as well. Some critics weren’t really happy with the different styles on the album, but Francis defends himself by arguing that no one wants to listen to the same track 12 times.

The best part of his integration of genres is that his music appeals to a wider range of people. I’m a relatively new listener of electronic music, after listening to Dillon Francis’ new album and realizing I had been unknowingly loving his tracks for a while I hoped onto the bandwagon.  His music is fun, carefree and so easy to dance to.

At New City Gas this Sunday, I doubt that a single person will have a hard time dancing to his tracks. Some tracks like “Get Low” will definitely be recognized by a lot of people, and what he changes on the fly will likely be the same high quality of his album.  Better yet, the tour is called “Friends Rule” so I am expect to come away from the event feeling like I’m a little closer to being friends with him. Plus, who knows if his alter-ego (check out his Vine) will make an appearance.

Dillon Francis is playing at New City Gas on Sunday November 30th, 2014. Tickets and more event info is available here.