Eric Gaucher Screens New Short Film at FIFA

Sing Pedestrian Sing

The Gaucher family is a talented bunch. Ken Gaucher is a writer, while cousin Eric makes film. We sent Gaucher (Ken) to talk to Gaucher (Eric) about his new short film Sing Pedestrian Sing premiering at the 32nd FIFA (International Festival of Films on Art).


Eric Gaucherwho has traditionally been a documentary film maker, has stepped outside of his comfort zone to deliver a short film that, while possibly not everyone’s cup of tea, is visually stunning and quite gripping. 


Ken Gaucher (KG): Give me a brief description of your new film, how it came to be, a bit about the process of how you made it?

Eric Gaucher (EG): Sing Pedestrian Sing begins as a fictional title sequence that evolves or breaks into an abstract system. I was bored with narrative filmmaking and I wanted to see where I could end up with an experimental work. I started the film without any preconceived ideas,  just building layers of videos, working with forms, colours, movements, and sounds. Once I had collected enough material, I began composing the work by intuition, much like making music or painting.


KG: I understand this is a part of a larger body of work, how large?

EG: It is indeed part of a larger series, or just a mode of thinking. But I have no idea of how large, or how long it will last. It’s hard to say. Although I am rather content with this path I have chosen. It’s quite liberating.


KG: Was there a light bulb moment in your life you said, I want to make film?

EG: Yes there was, but I have no clear memory of it. However I can say that the beginning of this adventure started with friends and a simple video camera a long time ago. We were interested in recording the fantastical absurdities of suburban boredom.  We ended up with rather creative work. Those tapes are long gone, but I can say that it was during that period where I became passionate about making motion pictures, or simply making art.


KG: Is there a specific person you could say has inspired your film making?

EG: No one person or thing in particular. My interests are rather eclectic, and inspiration may come from one random thing or some less attainable thought. For example the current piece I am working on has me thinking about the Roman poet Lucretius’ work, along with all the possible definitions that the word “Clinker” can offer. I would say that I glean most formal inspiration from painters of all movements and eras. Recently I have a fondness for painters like Alfred Talyor, Michaela Eichwald, and Turner. These artists have been informing my thoughts and sensibilities lately, but that is bound to change as I do.


KG: What does the future hold for you, what other projects to you see yourself working on?

EG: I am constantly thinking about the next project.  It’s always nice to imagine where creativity will take you. After I finished Sing Pedestrian Sing I immediately started a new picture. Although this one is a little more quiet, a combination of abstraction and live action. It’s coming along nicely. But I am not sure when I will be finished. Perhaps 2015, we’ll see.

Sing Pedestrian Sing screens at the Cinemateque Quebecois (335 Maisonneuve E) as part of the Perspectives I (7) series on March 22. 4pm. FIFA runs from March 20-30 at various venues in the city. The calendar can be accessed HERE.

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