The Room: The Cult Experience I Wish I Could Have Every Month

Tommy Wisseau in the Room Tommy Wisseau in the Room

I just want to say off the bat that I love my job. I mean not as a comedian or writer, but the retail store I work in. I love being a comedian and writer, too. But those two occupations aren’t what’s keeping me from being able to attend an event I never thought would come to Montreal.

I am bummed about it, but I also know that it might be nearly impossible to find tickets this close to the event and it’s probably sold out (BUT THEY ADDED A SsSsSsSsSsSECOND SHOWING!).

I’m talking about The Room. That’s right, the terrible film that was shot with the intention of being a drama but was marketed as a dark comedy after the first screening left movie-goers in stitches. With dubious funding history, the film is directed by, written by, produced by, and starring Tommy Wiseau. Who is he? WHO CARES! He made this movie that makes me ask more questions than I want to ask at a movie while answering none.

The Room is so bad it’s good. It’s the epitome of awful filmmaking and terrifyingly bad acting. Although the documentary The Best Worst Movie Ever Made hails Troll 2 as the best worst movie, I think that The Room deserves this title.

Here’s the thing. You don’t have to have seen the movie to enjoy a public screening.

But watch the movie before the public screening. The more you watch this shitshow, the more you will appreciate its moments of misguided attempts at seriousness.

Listen to the podcast How Did This Get Made? episode on The Room featuring Greg Sesterro. Who’s that? Oh, the co-star of this film. How many films do you know about where the people involved openly embrace how bad it is and join in on the bashing of the project? Including Tommy Wiseau! He does it, too.

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Just like The Rocky Horror Picture Show around Halloween, The Room has spawned its own reactions and such to moments in the film. I suggest a quick Googling of some of them and get ready to join a hoard of people in these actions.

So, if you have this Sunday available to you, you don’t anymore. Because it’s time for The Room and you’re going. It’s mandatory. Get out of whatever you thought you had going on and get a ticket.

Then tell me about how awesome it was.


The Room and a Meet and Greet session with stars Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sesterro takes place at the Dollar Cinema (6900 Decarie) on March 23rd at 1pm. $8. First show is sold out. Second showing added at 5:30.