What to See at Fantasia : Montreal’s International Festival of Pulp Horror, Sci Fi, and Alt FIlms

Calling all Montreal film buffs out there. It’s that time of year again, time for the annual Fantasia international film festival. This year is the 18th edition of the festival, and I expect it will be an impressive cinematic event. Fantasia is by far, the best place to be for movie lovers as its main purpose is to show the love of movies in all of the originality and the international range of film genres that it covers.

Fantasia is quite a unique experience in comparison to other film festivals. Over the years, it has expanded from showing only Asian films to films that stem over every continent, bringing people from all over the world to come to the festival, including producers, directors, and actors who often enough will come out after their movie is finished to see and speak to the audience members. As a movie lover, Fantasia International Film Festival is the place to be.


This year holds a wide variety of some awesome movies to see.  There are so many to mention I wish I could tell you about them now however; you can check out all the movies that will be featured throughout the festival here.

Top 5 picks to see in this year’s Fantasia’s line up:


  • When Animals Dream which comes from Denmark and delivers a stunning drama about adolescence. The story of a young girl going through not so normal adolescent body changes; but instead develops sharp teeth and odd hairs with overpowering strength.
  • Aux Yeux des Vivants, A french film from directors Julien Maury, and Alexandre Bustillo that takes place on the last day of school when three delinquent boys stumble across and abandoned movie lot all hell breaks out in this 90-minute terror ride.


  • Eli Roth’s The Green Inferno, A group of student activists jet off to save the rainforest and soon discover they are not alone, in this cannibalistic gore galore horror.

  • Boyhood director Richard Linklater filmed this moving over the course of 12 years, to share a story of an authentic tale of childhood and adolescence. Starring Ethan Hawke and Patricia Arquette.
  • None other then Tobe Hooper’s masterpiece, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), celebrating the 40th anniversary of the film it will be seen in stunning restoration 4k and also hosted by horror legend Tobe Hooper.

Stay tuned for my reviews of the films mentioned above and many more to come from now through to the end of the festival.

Fantasia Festival International De Films takes place July 17th to August 6th taking place in various theaters through Montreal, most of the movies are featured on the Concordia Campus including Theatre Hall Concordia, Salle D.B. Clarke, Salle J.A de Seve, and also Musee Mcord, Cinema Imperial, Grande Bibliotheque and Cinematheque quebecoise. You can purchase your tickets at (Fantasia Box Office 1455, de Maisonneuve W. Metro Guy-Concordia), individual tickets are $10 and booklets of 10 tickets are $90.00.