The Boy With Tape On His Face: Not Your Average Comedy Show

The Boy With Tape On His Face from the Just For Laughs Website. The Boy With Tape On His Face from the Just For Laughs Website.

How funny can a comedy show be without words? Answer: very. The Boy With Tape On His Face (Sam Wills) is a very original and hilarious comedy show that will appeal to people of all ages. This show is backed with a fantastic soundtrack and interesting props. If you’re wondering, yes he really does wear tape on his face for the entire show and proves that eyes are very expressive organs.

This show is about an hour long and hails from down under – New Zealand not Australia. I had no idea what to expect from this show, I mean it’s a comedy show with no talking and I’m a pretty chatty person. Before the show even started I could tell that the boy was indeed very funny.

Sam Wills

Sam Wills

Without giving too much away, there was a huge variety of jokes and miming. This is not your classic white-faced miming, but very funny acting without words. This show has a lot of audience participation and uses it in the best way. Pairing this with an artfully made soundtrack, the music did a lot of the joke making.

Another avenue of the show that was instrumental to its success was the endless props used by the boy. A short list to give you a bit of an idea: a plastic baby, a toilet plunger, a hard hat, dress shoes, a garbage can, and a Genesis record. I don’t want to give many of the jokes away, so it is difficult to adequately explain how expertly these props were used.  Every aspect of the show was unexpected up until each joke was revealed. It was an hour of wondering who would be the next volunteer on stage, what the boy with tape on his face would make them do, and then heartily laughing when you figured out the joke.

I definitely recommend this show, it is very funny and very unique. I doubt there will be many opportunities to laugh so much with so little speech.  Don’t be afraid of the one-of-a-kind comedy this is, and go and experience it. You can get tickets for The Boy With Tape On His Face here.

The Boy with Tape on His Face plays July 20 at Theatre St. Catherine and July 21-24, and July 26 at the Wiggle Room at 9:30 p.m. $20