Fear and Loathing South of the 40 : Cops, Cabs, Charters

stanstead border crossing. photo nancy berman. Stanstead border crossing. Looking into the USA. Photo Nancy Berman.

To Rodney King or Not To Rodney King?

Last week we found out that four officers in Roussillon were suspended over an incident that happened over four years ago. I do not know if they were “suspended without pay” or “suspended with pay”? I have news for people, suspended with pay is not a suspension but a vacation, but I digress. The incident in question happened in 2010 when two men, Daniel Amiot and Mario Lapierre, were coming home from a bar in Sainte-Catherine and were asked by two police officers to show identification. They refused, this escalated into the officers calling for back up and the men being detained. Now, the article I read didn’t mention if the officers in question “Rodney Kinged” the two gentlemen. If they did, ok that is wrong. However, if they didn’t, then weren’t they doing exactly what we pay them to do? You see two guys, late a night walking along, making sure they are not up to no good, seeing some ID and moving them along. That is what cops are supposed to do, no? Can’t really get my head around this one.

Identity Crisis

police sketch fail from lamar county Paris

police sketch fail from lamar county Paris

I have already gone down this road but I have to circle back because it is quite unbelievable. Montreal Police told the radio station CJAD that they are presently investigating 18 cases of sexual assault that happen in taxi cabs by the drivers on young women in this past year. Here is the description of one assailant “5’8” tall, white, speaks French with a strong Arabic accent, drives a four door grey car.” I will admit I am no Inspector Clouseau, but there is a strong chance that if he speaks “French with a heavy Arabic accent,” he ain’t white? And why are there weirdos driving cabs in the city of Montreal? Because presently in Quebec there is absolutely no criminal background check in order to obtain your taxi driving license. Hell it’s probably safer to take the bus.

Best quote of the week!

Last week, Stephane Bedard, the interim leader of the Parti Quebecois, was talking to the press about Pierre Karl Peladeau and his shares in Quebecor. Get a load of this.

“You know, Radio-Canada, it’s owner is the Canadian government. Have I ever questioned the independence of the journalists at Radio Canada? Never. So my comments are as follows. I have a lot of faith in the people that are there.”

There is a pause. Then he says, “The owner is the Government of Canada. I’m a sovereignist.”

A reporter asks, “So?”

…and he comes back with, “So nothing, I’ve never challenged that.”

Can anyone tell me what the hell this guy is babbling about? He lost me after “You know”. I wanted some to yell out, “Who’s on first?”

Poisson in a Barrel

quebec values charter
While we are talking about the Parti Quebecois, (Yes I am picking on them but sometimes they make it too easy). Rosemount MNA and former PQ Minister Jean-Francois Lisee, has a book coming out called “18 months of power: My battles and my passions.” In this book he tells us how he would not have voted for the Secular Charter. If you care to remember that was the charter that pretty much banned anyone from having any religion. I seem to remember Lisee being on TV, radio and in the papers pushing pretty hard to have the charter passed. Does this guy think we are goldfish? In essence what this guy is telling us is that he is full of shit. Well I guess he has to sell his book right?

Last week at a Glance:

Now or never

Magnan Tavern is set close this December, can you believe it? The St-Charles landmark has been open for 82 years! I admit I haven’t been there for quite a few years, and the last time I was I think they had the same waiters from when they opened. So last call, get down there and get yourself some roast beef, before we lose another Montreal icon.

Sins of the Brother

This one is great, Doug Ford, who is now running for mayor of Toronto in his brother’s place, is speaking at the Anne and Max Tanenbaum Hebrew Academy. The debate was hosted by The United Jewish Appeal Federation of Greater Toronto. He was responding to an allegation of his brother using an ugly epithet to describe Jews: “You know something, my doctor, my Jewish doctor, my Jewish dentist, my Jewish lawyer, my Jewish (wait for it) accountant…”

Yes he actually said this!! That’s the oldest joke in the book!!

Last word of the Week:

This week it’s more of a question, one that will likely piss some people off, but hey.

Last week the CBC asked “PK Subban: Is the Canadian’s defenceman worth $72 million?” Yes Subban has been awarded an eight year contract with the Habs worth $72 million big ones. So I ask you loyal readers, neighbours and friends, is he worth all that money? But before you answer I would like you to think about a couple of things. Syrian Refugees. African Ebola victims. Isis Terror Threat. Ok, now go ahead and answer.

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