Where to Get Coffee and Brunch in Montreal #6: Arts Cafe

I love brunch just as much as any other Montrealer. And no, this is not a challenge because I am sure there is probably someone who loves it even more than, myself. I like to think that since arriving in Montreal, I have given the “weekend brunch” a fair go. I’d like to claim my favourite, but I am not one for limiting possibilities. Throughout the week, the Arts Cafe in the Mile End is sure to dish out wonderful brunch delights and coffee to match.

The Arts Cafe is on Fairmount West located in the heart of the cool and artsy neighbourhood of the Mile End, and the cafe fits in perfectly to its surroundings. Arts Cafe is a super cool spot. Yes, I said it! The cafe has plenty of miss-matched wood pieces, neutral tones and so many light bulbs, this place is artsy central, making the atmosphere feel a bit like home. The cafe always smells of espresso and delicious food; it has a seasonal menu featuring weekend specials, including a glorious brunch (and lunch) options for everyone!

photo by Annie Shreeve

Every time I go, I am sure to order a coffee. Freshly brewed espresso is never a bad decision. Hot or iced (weather depending), the coffee has distinct characteristics which I am still yet to determine. But I can tell you, it’s strong, delicious and an excellent start to any day.

Now, for food! Every time I venture to this gorgeous cafe I eat something amazing. The menu changes with the seasons. The produce is sourced as locally as possible and is always fresh. On weekends, they often have “specials” on top of their regular well-rounded menu.

photo by Annie Shreeve

I was fortunate enough yet again to enjoy brunch here with friends just a couple of days ago and, once again, I was overly happy with my meal. Deciding on the Cod Cake ($13) was a brave decision for a morning meal, but it turned out to be the best decision! A deliciously ‘soft on the inside, crunchy on the outside’ cod cake was a fishy-potato delight. Served with an apple and sage slaw, lightly blanched asparagus, sweet and slow roasted shallot, soft bolded miso egg on a swiss chard and dill dijonnaise.

photo by Annie Shreeve

The plate was nothing short of beautifully presented, deliciously tasting and incredibly satisfying!

What I really love about this place, is that no matter what time of the day, their menu is completely available with a selection of options to suit both the sweet or salty tooth. And if you want eggs or granola late afternoon, you can! Or if you fancy a salad or something with beef first thing in the morning the option is yours as well!

photo by Annie Shreeve

Overall, Arts Cafe is a well rounded and friendly atmosphere, great food and coffee that offers a positive artsy vibe. It really is my kind of place!

Arts Cafe is located at 201 Fairmount West. It is open Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.