Reviewed by Robyn : New Music From Kiesza and Morrissey

Debut Strongest on its Heartbreak Tracks

kiesza Hideaway

Kiesza’s debut EP Hideaway is very slow and very sad, perfect if you’ve just had your heart broken. With three original tracks and an interesting cover of the 90s classic “What is Love”, I am sure the EP will please indie audiences. It is not very usual to hear such slow melodic songs, and Kiesza has a voice that is atypical for popular indie music. Her first track, Hideaway, has already captured many UK listeners with a somehow catchy-yet-slow song – the secret is in her melodic and high pitched voice.

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Though I think this is the strongest song of the EP, this isn’t too shabby for a debut. Lyrically, there could be some improvement, but her voice is definitely something different and has promise. I can see indie fans and slow jam loving people thoroughly enjoying the EP. Overall, I give her a B- for the heartbroken tracks.



Morrissey Explores his Options

morrissey world peace is none of yoru business

Morrissey has a new album coming out, and fans of The Smiths’ singer should be excited about this 18-track record. Named after its first track “World Peace Is None of Your Business” this record is filled with lyrically interesting and fantastically produced songs. In true Morrissey fashion, the record features long ballads that transport the listener to different places and times – stretching from Istanbul to an unnamed university.

The style of the album is very interesting; each song seems to hit one or more genre with the instrumental style. To get an idea, in some tracks there are face-melting guitar solos and African-style drumming whilst in others there is seemingly Spanish guitar. This paired with the randomness of topics covered by the songs gives listeners a choice: is the album all over the place or is it an interesting pell-mell of songs? Of course, Morrissey is known for having an introspective music style and this album falls a bit short in this regard with only a few tracks like this.

Despite this, Morrissey fans will not be dissatisfied as his singing is perfectly on pointe throughout the album. All in all, I give the album a B as I fall towards the pell-mell opinion. Each track on its own is fine, but all together it is a strange album.