Fear and Loathing South of the 40: Fighting Spirit

stanstead border crossing. photo nancy berman. Stanstead border crossing. Looking into the USA. Photo Nancy Berman.

1… 2… 3… CHARGE

smart meter

smart meter

Hydro-Quebec has hit a new high, or should I say low? Over this last year they have cut the power off for 51,015 customers, this beats the previous record set in 2011. Hydro’s explanation is that last years long cold winter resulted in above normal heating bills causing people to not be able keep up with the bills. Their solution, ask for another 3.9 percent hike that will see the average household’s electricity bill raise by another $300 bucks a year. What part of “We already can’t pay the bills” does Hydro-Quebec not get? Now here is something to think about. Hydro-Quebec is a government owned public utility and who are the bosses of the government? Well you and I of course, are we not? I know they do not like to think so, but we are. So in essence, the people we put in power to take care of us, are taking away something from us that we pretty much need to survive. Is this sitting ok with everyone out there? Lets ask the 51,000 people who woke up without electricity this morning.

Amnesia of the Worst Kind

sexy soldier halloween costumes

sexy soldier halloween costumes

Weirdest thing about last Remembrance Day? Franck Gervais! This is the guy who dressed up as and claimed to be a decorated soldier at last weeks ceremony in Ottawa. Turns out he is some shmo from Quebec that has never even served in our Canadian Military. What a fucking weirdo, who does that? But the worst part was, he actually gave an interview on TV! Holy weepin’ Jesus man, what did you think was gonna happen? Did you think the real soldiers were going to thank you?

Update to this story: Last Saturday the Ottawa Police charged Gervais with impersonating a decorated soldier. Shame on you Franck Gervais, shame on you.

Neil Young Boycott

cat coffee
Legendary Canadian music icon Neil Young is boycotting Starbucks over a lawsuit filed in the state of Vermont. Vermont passed a law last spring that requires food products containing GMO’s to be labeled as such. In retaliation four industry organizations filed a suit challenging the law, Starbucks is messed up in there somewhere. Ok I will be honest, I don’t even know what a GMO is, but if it’s good enough for Neil it is good enough for me, screw you Starbucks! (Sure hope they get all this worked out soon, gonna miss my Vanilla-lowfat-bullshit-moca-stuckupasswipe- toogoodfortimmys-americano)

Worth a Spliff

Marijuana Costumes

Marijuana costumes

Montreal’s first medical marijuana clinic is finally here, Sante Cannabis opened its doors last Tuesday at 1239 Amherst Street and the phone has been ringing off the hook. The whole process seems a bit strange and complicated to me though. The place doesn’t actually sell pot, it works with a team of doctors to help people who are eligible get access to pot. What you need is a referral (and a letter from your mom doesn’t work, trust me), and then you pay a $250 annual fee. So if I understand correctly, you have already seen a doctor who said you should use pot, to see a doctor to say you should use pot, but you have to pay the second doctor not to give you the pot, but to hook you up with a dealer who is gonna sell you the pot. Seems just trying to get the pot would make a person want to smoke pot, no? (To find out more about marijuana in Montreal, click HERE)

The Thin Blue Cowboy Line

sexy cowboy costume

sexy cowboy costume

Everyone, including Quebec’s Public Security Minister Lise Theriault, are up in arms about the way Chateauguay Police are dressing these days. To protest Bill 3 the Chateauguay police have begun wearing cowboy boots, cowboy hats, and even a star on their lapels. Thériault called the new uniforms “unacceptable” and phoned Châteauguay Mayor Nathalie Simon, demanding she call her officers to order. Are you kidding me, have you seen them? These guys and gals look BAD ASS! With a capital B and a capital A. I am talking ‘Walker Texas Ranger ‘bad ass. I say don’t make them change anything, in fact lets get all the other cops to get uniform like them. I don’t care if it costs a million bucks, it would be worth every penny. I would rather pay for that then the freaking Carbonneau Commission.

I Paid For That

throwing money away

throwing money away

Oh ya, speaking of the Carbonneau Commission, it is over – no comment.

Organized Crime is Out of the Question

sexy gangester costume

sexy gangster costume

It is finally official, Quebec’s National Assembly has voted that it is not ok for organizations to have dealings with organized crime. You see before this vote it was kind of sketchy, organizations were like “Well we didn’t know, there was never a vote on it!”. OMG we are paying these people?Really?

Last word of the week:

PImp by Julien

Pimp by Julien

Let me finish up this week with a question.
Last week for a couple of days you could not go anywhere without hearing about the dating guru Julien Blanc. There are a couple of petitions out there circulating to keep him out of Canada, and the Immigration Minister, Chris Alexander, has said the Government is looking into this matter. Here is where I have a problem. Don’t get me wrong, from what I read and hear about this guy he is a total scumbag, I am not disputing this. My problem is that I really do not think one scumbag is worth the attention of my national government. I want my government to keep me safe from Isis, I want my government to keep me safe from the recession, but I don’t want them wasting their time on every asshole that wants to come into Canada to give a speech. It’s really pretty simple, don’t go and see the guy. Protest in front of his speeches. Sure he is a problem, but the bigger problem is the people who pay to see him no? What do you think?

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