Fear and Loathing South of the 40: Help Wanted or Not

Work is long Work is long

Probably the biggest contributor as to why I follow the news so closely is the WTF factor. You know, the stuff that makes you swallow your gum. The stuff that makes you throw whatever’s in your hand at the radio/TV (What? Is that just me?). This week I’m not even going to try to be as witty and engaging as I usually am, I am just going to let the stories speak for themselves.

Making Money While On the Dole

bates motel

bates motel

Last week we learned that the Liberals are going to ‘stamp out’ certain ‘irritants’ that hurt the image of our welfare program. Starting July 1, there will be changes to the system. Let me list a couple for you: first off, people on welfare will have to start declaring extra income if they rent out two or more rooms in their house. Screech! Hold up — People on welfare have houses with two or more rooms for rent? Also, assistance will be withdrawn for people who are out of the province more than 15 days a month. Right now a person only has to be in the province one day a month to get their cheque. If they are on welfare, where the hell are they going?

Don’t Apply Here

help wanted

help wanted

Tim Hortons confirmed last week they were laying off 350 employees, mainly management positions at the company’s headquarters and regional offices. If you’ve been living under a rock, let me tell you that Tim Hortons was bought by Burger King last year. Employees say they were ‘shocked’ and ‘blindsided’ by the layoffs. Ok, I am not trying to be an asshole, I really am not, but you mean to tell me they didn’t see this coming? These are managers, I would assume educated people, no? What happens when one company merges with another? People lose jobs. It ain’t pretty and it ain’t news. But I still feel for those people.

Work Rules

Speaking of restaurants, a Valentine restaurant in Deux-Montagnes put a sign last week advising employees they are to speak French at all times, even to each other. This sign was directed at one employee who has since filed a complaint with the Labour Relations Board and is considering filing one with the Human Rights Commission. Valentine’s head office has called the incident ‘unfortunate’. They go so far as saying that of their 100 locations, 15 are owned by Anglophones and that some of its best friends are Anglo. In other news, Adolf Hitler has been spotted working at a Valentine Restaurant in Deux-Montagnes!

Choking Hazard

The headline read “Seniors die from choking in long term care home” and I have to be honest I didn’t know what to make of it. The Journal de Montreal revealed that in the last three years, 20 seniors have died from choking on their food in long term care facilities. Patient’s rights advocate, Paul Brunet, says the Provincial Government needs to train more staff so they are able to perform the Heimlich maneuver. But are we really going to be further ahead if we are performing the Heimlich on old people? Not sure.

A Growing Field

Alissa Afonina. (Handout/QMI Agency)

Alissa Afonina. (Handout/QMI Agency)

Here is another one I had trouble wrapping my head around. Once again the headline, “Student-turned-dominatrix awarded $1.5M after car accident left her with brain injury and a new personality” (yes you read that correctly). This young woman, Alissa Afonina, was a bright student, top two percent of her class, dreamed of being an actress or film maker (surprise surprise). Car accident, BOOM, she is having impulse control issues, inappropriate sexual comments, ends up working as a dominatrix. So this young woman goes to court, because that is what you do after a car accident. The judge rules in her favor because of the argument she will not be able to generate enough money to make a living. Obviously this judge has not been to see a dominatrix in awhile (not that I have!). It was all very bizarre. Then again it took place in B.C., sooo…

The Good Employee

Austin MacNeill helps a blind, elderly woman navigate an icy sidewalk in Halifax. (Facebook / Terri Bordage Stevens)

Austin MacNeill helps a blind, elderly woman navigate an icy sidewalk in Halifax. (Facebook / Terri Bordage Stevens)

This weekend past a photo of a Halifax man walking an older woman home was everywhere. The gentleman’s name is Austin Macneill, he works at the grocery store Sobeys, and someone took a photo of him walking 72 year-old Mary Cogswell home from the store, due to the fact the sidewalks were icy. Cogswell was quoted as saying that the Sobeys employees have been helping her home for about five years now, regardless of the weather. At first when I saw the photo I was like “Yes, good for you sir!” (and I still think that btw). But there was also a little voice in my head that was saying, “Why is someone doing something decent and kind news? I mean, shouldn’t this be the norm? Either way, it made me feel great, get out there and do good stuff folks.

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