Fear and Loathing South of the 40 : PQ Antics at the Political Circus

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Blame the PQ

Last Thursday, after the city had been pelted with yet another winter storm, Environment Canada Weather Office announced that “Spring will be late coming to Montreal!” No SHIT.

Using the S Word

With that off my chest, we can get to it. If you read the papers, listen to the news, or happen to speak to anyone who lives in our Belle Province, you already know what the news was last week. It came in three letters “PKP.” Let’s pretend you actually lived in a mine in Abitibi and needed to asked the question “Who is PKP?” Well, let me tell you faithful readers. Pierre Karl Peladeau is the multi-millionaire owner of a media empire (oh yes I used the word empire). He is the major shareholder of Quebecor, which he inherited from his father, and then expanded. Quebecor owns the following – Videotron, TVA, Sun Media, Archambault – you get the picture. Two Sundays ago, Peladeau announced that he would run for the Parti Quebecois in the upcoming election. Right on the heels of that he announced that he was “clearly a sovereigntist” and that he wanted his children to grow up in “Quebec, the country.” Well boy howdy, all of the sudden people inside and outside of Quebec, sat up and gave themselves a shake like a dog with a bad case of fleas. Marois had been trying to keep the “S” word off the radar until after the election but here it was, a vote for the PQ was a vote for separation. Since then it seems to have been one thing after another for the PQ, and not in the good way, coming to a climax last Thursday in Levis when party leader Marois physically pushed PKP out of the way in a bid to keep him quiet and quit hoggin’ the mic. Looked like two pitbulls after one bone. Where were the Liberals and the CAQ last week? Pretty much a no show.

Caught With His Pants Down

The media got lambasted last week for publishing a photo of young Rimouski, Coalition Avenir Quebec candidate, Steven Fleurent, sitting on the toilet giving the old “thumbs up,” like everything was coming out roses. (Get it CAQ, he is sitting on the crapper, OMG are we all seeing the irony here, my sides are still hurting). The photo was lifted from his Facebook page. Was it a low blow? Maybe a little, but hey this is politics, it you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. And if you want to take photos of yourself having a shit, take them off your Facebook page during an election, ya numbskull.

Steven Fleurent Cropped

Steven Fleurent Cropped

Caught Lacking Judgment

Speaking of Facebook photos, Parti Quebecois candidate Jean Carriere resigned last week over a post on his Facebook page of a topless woman flipping the bird, with the caption “Fuck Islam”. Just think about this a moment, no no, I mean really think about this. Here is Jean, minding his own business, a candidate for the PQ, less than a month to go until an election, when out of the blue he spots one of the most racist things he has ever seen. “Should I post this?” he asks himself. The wheels turn… Still turning… Still turning… HELL YA! Really, Jean? Really?

Kate Moss giving finger

Kate Moss giving finger

Caught Supporting the Secular Charter

I’m like a one trick pony this week, and I apologize if it looks like I am picking on the PQ, but it is what it is. Parti Québécois candidate Louise Mailloux has changed her tune. Early last week Mailloux said she “absolutely” stood by her comments that “baptism and circumcision amounted to rape and that kosher products are part of a scam that helps fund ‘religious wars.'” Then last Saturday she issued a written apology stating the comments were not intended to offend. Riiiiiiigggghhhhhttt. When informed of her candidate’s comments in La Presse on Thursday Premier Marois said, “She supports our secular charter and I appreciate her support.” (For the second time this column – No SHIT).

This week at a glance:

So there is a new candidate for Mayor in Canada’s largest city, 18-year-old Morgan Baskin. She said that she paid the $200 registration fee with money she earned from babysitting gigs (I swear to god). When asked about her experience Baskin believes she can compete in the race by drawing from her past experiences as a scout leader and camp counsellor, and you know what, I bet she can. Let me ask you good people, would you want a Scout Leader or a Crack user running your city? The choice is yours. Go get ’em Morgan!

Morgan Baskin for Mayor.

Morgan Baskin for Mayor.

In case you missed it, last Saturday was the “White Man March.” A group of white supremacists marched in New York City to show “love for their race” and to protest “its destruction.” March organizer Kyle Hunt said that “Diversity = White Genocide.” I am not really sure what to say about this. I can only shake my head in disbelief. However, on a positive note he did let us know what we should wear. “If you are a man, put on a pair of light khakis and a nice dress shirt. It should almost look like you are a groomsman at a wedding. Or maybe like an avenging Aryan angel. Women, you know how to look great in white.” Whew, one less thing to worry about. You might be a crazy-ass neo-nazi, but at least you are gonna be a well-dressed crazy-ass neo-nazi!

Let me leave you with a photo:

Olivet Baptist Church Sign

Get Your ass to mass

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