FNC Review: Sadako vs. Kayako

Sadako vs. Kayako. Sadako vs. Kayako.

In Sadako vs. Kayako, university students Yuri (Mizuki Yamamoto) and Natsumi (Aimi Satsukawa) buy an old VCR to transfer home videos to DVD. Natsumi watches the old cassette found inside the VCR and quickly realizes it’s the cursed video of Sadako, who is supposed to kill the viewers two days later. They ask for the help of their professor Morishige (Masahiro Komoto), who wrote a novel about Sadako’s curse.

High schooler Suzuka (Tina Tamashiro) lives near an abandoned house that she has visions from. Despite the disappearance of four boys whom she last saw in front of the house, she enters it and gets cursed by Kayako and her son, Toshio.

After an exorcism intervention turns bad, medium exorcist Kyozo (Masanobu Ando) and his associate Tamao (Mai Kikuchi) take matters into their own hands and suggest pitting Sadako against Kayako to put an end to the curses.

Director Kôji Shiraishi delivers an absurd horror comedy that will delight fans of Ringu (The Ring) and Ju-On (The Grudge). You will be laughing more than jumping off your seat.

Sadako vs. Kayako.

Sadako vs. Kayako.

Morishige’s obsession with Sadako is so extreme, he’s willing to die just to meet her. Kyozo’s idea of facing off Sadako and Kayako sounds ridiculous. How does one bring a vengeful spirit to fight against another one? Simple, watch Sadako’s cursed video while in Kayako’s cursed house.

The confrontation is spectacular and the ending might leave you speechless and flabbergasted. The real question is: are you Team Sadako or Team Kayako?

Also, don’t leave when the credits start rolling – stay until the very end.

Sadako vs. Kayako is screening as part of FNC on Sunday, October 16 at Cinema du Parc.