Folk For Montreal : Emma June Launches EP Nomad(e)

Emma June Emma June

Montreal Rampage is lucky to have so many talented artists on its team. Among them, we have bilingual folk singer, Emma June. This weekend, she’s launching a new EP Nomad(e) at Cagibi.


Emma June. Nomad(e)

Bilingual, young, open to savor life’s experiences from romance to travel, Emma June embodies the spirit of Montreal. Though she can sing with a broad worldview, she sells homemade tea and honey at her performances and greets everyone with the warmth one usually reserves for old friends. The name of the album, with its cleverly bilingual title captures the poetic wanderlust of its author. “There’s a song about loving Montreal and simultaneously wanting to escape from it,” she says, a sentiment shared by many Montrealers. Let’s face it, like Emma June, it’s impossible to ride the 80 bus without running into someone we know. This can be wonderful, but sometimes we just want to be anonymous strangers. Still, her love for the city is constant. “There’s a song about Mile End, Mile End c’est home, and people who live here will know the things mentioned in it,” she says.

The new EP contains recordings of both older and newer material, though Emma June is constantly working on music. For this album, she collaborated with her electric guitar player and recording engineer Kento Kataoka to co-produce the album. Her full band plays, including an appearance by her younger sister, Ruby, on violin. Though she can play as a solo or duo act when it comes time to travel, she also feels fortunate to know such talented musicians and their role integral.

While a longer album is certainly in the works, Emma June is looking forward to touring again. In the past she’s performed at the St. John’s Folk Festival among others, and will continue to do the same this summer. By bringing her music to new places, she gets to be that anonymous stranger and take her Montréalisme to the world.

Emma June’s launch of Nomad(e) is at Cagibi on Saturday November 19 at 8 p.m. $8. For details click HERE.

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