Things to Do in Montreal : May Festivals and Events 2024

Neighbours. Piknic Electronik Opening. 2023. Photo Rachel Levine Neighbours. Piknic Electronik Opening. 2023. Photo Rachel Levine

Glory, glory, you made it to May. Exams are over (or ending), the parks are inviting, the sun shines past 7 p.m. It’s a good time to be alive and in Montreal. The only problem now is that there’s too much going on. There are over 20 festivals and events in May. We got your list here.


March 11 – May 13, 2024
Final in Club Soda

Only one can be the best, but over the last few months the people decided which of these artists deserves to advance to the finals. The grand finale on May 13 features Loic Lafrance, Sensei H, and Soleil Launière and special guests Lou Adriane Cassidy and Theirry Larose. Info HERE

Concours Musical International de Montréal : Piano

April 22 – May 4, 2023

24 musicians (this year, pianists) from around the globe compete before a prestigious jury to compete for cash prizes and awards. They represent musicians at the start of their career, aged between 17 and 27. There’s not a slacker in the bunch. If you want to feel even less accomplished in life, check out the event featuring child prodigies. Information HERE.

Festival Accès Asie / Access Asia Festival

April 24 – June 4, 2024
Various Locations

Want to go to Asia but can’t afford plane tickets (or a ship). Not to worry. Art, music, dance, and theatre comes here for this annual festival. Enjoy a Dian Cha tea ceremony, watch a film, try Laotian and Cambodian cooking, listen to the new literature out of Asia. That’s just a small sampler. The opening cocktail is May 2. For details, click HERE.

Montreal Pizza Week

May 1 – 7, 2024
Pizza restaurants in the city

The event might be run by Doordash, but who doesn’t like pizza. The event began in Montreal and now is Canada-wide. Chances are your local pie shop is participating. Some info HERE is intended for restaurants.

Festival Velocité

May 2 – 5, 2024
Various Locations

Bike fans, amateurs, and pros come together to celebrate all things bicycle. There is a conference, races at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, a film night, and a market as well. Join the peloton. Info HERE.

Montréal Sketchfest

May 2 – 11, 2024
Theatre St. Catherine
264 St Catherine E

New troupes and old step to the stage of the Theatre St Cathrine in this bilingual sketch comedy festival. Most groups come from Montreal or Toronto but further afield as well. Check out Grace and the Gang, Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall, Real Live Doll, Bring Your own Juice, Lady Fingers, Tony Ho, Erica Gellert, and so many others. Check it out HERE.

Jamais Lu

May 3 – 11, 2024

You can say you read it here first at the Jamais Lu festival. Well, saw it, is more likely, because this is a theatre festival where new pieces are highlighted. Some writers to watch out for: Ravi Jain, Samuel Matteau, Mai Bach Gnoc Nguyen, Silviu Vincent Legault, and many others. Check it out HERE.

24 Hours of Science

May 3 – 4, 2024

Just 24 hours? Is that in atomic time? In unexpected venues, science comes to the public. If you’re hoping to encourage (or push or electrify) your kids into STEM careers or just want to learn for yourself, over 300 different activities are taking place around Quebec. Information HERE.

F2F Tour

May 3 – 5, 2024
Palais de Congrès de Montréal
201 Ave Viger O, Hall 220B

Magic the Gathering fans… this is for you. The community gathers in hope of getting those damned cards, or something like that. Participate in the regional championship or just enjoy a friendly meet up in the Command Zone. Info HERE.

Promenades de Jane / Jane’s Walks

May 3 – 5, 2024

Montreal’s Urban Ecology group is taking up the message of Canadian’s urbanization spiritual leader, Jane Jacobs. Citizen volunteers lead interested people on guided tours of the city. So far, over 40 are available in Montreal and registration starts soon. Find out more about this beloved event HERE.

Montreal Medieval Fair / Salon de la Passion Médiévale et Historique

May 3 – 5, 2024
Place Bell Laval
1950 Claude-Gagné

Enjoy a weekend of Ren Faire fun. Music, dance, battles and over 75 exhibitors offering your must-have chain mail kit, sword, and shield here. There’s even a fashion show to attend. Sexy old Norsemen! One day tickets $33 three day tickets are $49. Packages for families and cheaper tickets for kids. Click here for info and tickets.

Les Sommets du Cinéma d’Animation

May 6 – 11, 2024
Cinémathèque Québécoise
335 de Maisonneuve Blvd E

Catch feature length animated films by student and new filmmakers. Films come from all around the world — Italy, France, Germany, and of course here. Information HERE.

La Semaine Japon

May 6 – 12, 2024
Various Locations

A week of Japanese food, culture, and goodies are available at a wide variety of locations. Enjoy things like Hojicha chiffon cake, takikomigohan, or try and get your hands on some onigari. And, let’s face it, RAMEN! There’s also a gathering of shiba inus and akitas. Yum. Info HERE.

FIFEQ / Festival International du Film Ethnographique du Québec et Montréal

May 7 – 11, 2024
Various venues

Ethnography is immersion in an environment to understand variations of the human condition. Free of charge almost every night, check out the only ethnographic film festival in Canada. This year, in multiple venues in the city, catch films that want you to understand the human experience. It includes all genres of film: documentary, fiction, and experimental. Details can be found HERE.


TBD but usually in May
Various Venues

Pastafarians take note! Everyone’s favorite carb gets a two week celebration at restaurants around the city. For info on the 2023 event, click HERE.

Cabane à Sang

May 8 – 14, 2024
Various Venues

Love greasy grindcore film? Check out films by local filmmakers that include everything from nose-picking to hospital dumpster diving. Info HERE.

Santa Thérèse Festival

May 9 – 12, 2024
Ville de Sainte Thérèse

Does the REM stop there? Maybe not, but if you’ve got a car, a bike, feet, or just another way to cross to the north shore past Laval, you might want to check out the Santa Teresa festival. In addition to ticketed shows, there are free activities including music on Blainville Street West all weekend and shows in the bars and clubs along the main strip. Who can you see? Les Deuxluxes, Loud Lary Ajust, Robert Robert, Bibi Club, Caravane, Arielle Soucy, Parazar, The Planet Smashers, and Alphonse Bisaillon and many others. This year, a comedy line up is also included. Now you have a reason to go to the burbs! For info, click HERE.

Festival d’histoire de Montréal

May 10-12, 2024
Various venues

If you love history and you love this city, several museums around the city arrange events all about Montreal. Partake in walks, download a podcast, listen to a discussion. info about events and locations can be found HERE.

Bailongo Festival de Tango

May 15 – 20, 2024
Various venues

It never occurred to me that there would be two simultaneous tango events in Montreal, but well… I guess it takes two to, um, tango. Join the milongas, classes for all levels, and evening galas at a wide variety of places in the city. Info HERE.

Montreal Salsa Convention

May 16 – 20, 2024
Double Tree Hilton
1255 Jeanne Mance

Get your party shoes out and join the salsa festival. Watch both Canadian and international greats or learn to salsa for yourself with world-class instructors. There are socials, workshops, and invited guests. Partners not required. For those interested, click HERE.

Festival Musiciens du Monde

May 16 – 18, 2024
Centre des Musiciens du Monde
5043, Saint-Dominique Street
Montreal, QC, H2T 1V1

Bringing together well, world musicians. This year, the theme is Women’s Silk Roads so look forward to Songs from the Steppes, and Songs from the Deserts. HERE.

Montreal Underground Film Festival

May 17 – 18, 2024
Groupe Intervention Vidéo (GIV)
4001, rue Berri, # 105

They put the call out, now the question is what will show. Low budget, boundary challenging, and guerrilla filmmakers find a home here. Films range from a modest minute to full length features and the creators come from Canada, the United States, and France. Titles include “And Then I Woke Up” and “Today I Did Nothing.” Check HERE for programming and details.

Pouzza Festival

May 17 – 19, 2024
Various Locations

Rage like your punk heart has always wanted to. The Pouzza festival is all about the loud, the screechy, the noisy, the rebellious, the fun. The outdoor shows are free. Headliners include Waaves, Strike Anywhere, Against All Authority, Laura Jane Grace, Alex Lahey, and Roller Starter. Tickets for all are HERE.

Festival International de Théâtre Anarchiste

May 18, 2024
Casa del Popolo
4873 St Laurent

Theatre goes radical. The cabaret has been announced, but not the rest of the event. Last year, the festival included companies from Chile, France, Belgium, and Montreal sharing their works related to the theme of anarchist movements. For more information, keep an eye on the facebook page HERE.

Balconfête / Porchfest NDG

May 18 – 19, 2024

While the Plateau is probably most often thought of as home to Montreal’s artists, NDG holds its own. On the front porches and balconies of homes up and down streets from below Sherbrooke to above Monkland, catch the wide variety of acts. Funk, folk, jam, jazz, klezmer, you name it. Map and times of shows can be found HERE.

Piknic Electronik

May 19 – October 6, 2024
Plaine des Jeux

Once upon a time, Piknic was just a loose collection of EDM fans with daytime glowsticks and rose coloured sunglasses. Now it’s as big as any of the major city summer festivals. Join the massive outdoor dance parties every Sunday featuring local and international DJs mixing beats on stage. Season tickets are available and student tickets are a merciful $100. Information HERE.

Le Festival du Bonheur de Montréal

May 20-28, 2024
Various Venues

The festival takes place as part of the week of actions against racism and include free activities intended for intercultural and intergenerational audiences. Watch films, theatre groups, attedn a vernissage, and more. Info HERE.


May 22, 2024

Choir Kedlavoi is headlining this brand new festival in HoMa. Over 40 artists will be featured. Not much else to say about it yet, but who knows… Info HERE.

FTA (Festival TransAmériques)

May 22 – June 5, 2024

Dance, theatre, opera, and performing arts from around the world come to Montreal along with a few art exhibitions and musical pieces. Most pieces only show for a few days, but are usually high quality and thought-provoking. Tickets HERE.


May 24 – June 2, 2024

While the FTA (Festival Transameriques) takes place, the OFFTA showcases local works that are within the scope and spirit of the festival. Some promising titles : Dead People are Liking Things on Facebook, I Have Such a Horrible Voice, and Slug Meal. Watch HERE for details.

Festival Vue Sur La Relève

May 22 – 29, 2024
Le Ministere and Maison de la Culture Claude Léveillée

Through creativity and expression, this festival celebrates both Canadian and European French works. It focuses especially on young artists who are under 35 years old. The focus is on music and performing arts. Among those performing are Willywonka, Jeanne Coté, Fleur de peau, Bye Parula, and Tabi Yosha. Details HERE. 

Festival Le Mondial de La Bière

May 24 – 26, 2024
La Gare Windsor

1160 Avenue des Canadiens-de-Montréal

Ale, ale’s the stuff to drink. Or beer, or hydromel, or cider, or your favourite ferment. Over 400 different products are available, with over 100 different breweries, many from Quebec. If you like beer (or just want to get sloppy in the middle of the day while drinking a beer), this one is for you. Click HERE for details. Admission is free, tasting is not.

South Asian Film Festival of Montreal

May 24 – June 2, 2024
Cinématheque Québécoise

This festival showcases new artistic work that focus on South Asia and its diaspora. 58 films, including many premieres and award-winning features, will be showcased in theatres. Full length features, documentaries, and shorts are all part of the offerings. There is also an online portion available. Info HERE.

Jardins Gamelin

Usually May – September
Place Émilie-Gamelin

The park and its cultural and citizen-driven activities is one of the nicest spots to chill in the city. Things to do include karaoke, concerts, dance parties. It’s open every day with something happening most of the time, be certain to find out more HERE.

Eureka! Festival

May 24 – 26, 2024
Parc Jean Drapeau
1 Circuit Gilles Villeneuve

It’s the biggest science festival in Quebec. It’s geared towards the little ones but adults will find lots to enjoy as they chaperone their charges. Over 100 free outdoor activities are on offer and it’s a chance to celebrate local science. Info HERE.

BD Festival

May 24 – 26, 2024
Rue St. Denis between les Rues Gilford et Roy

Montreal’s talented graphic novelists and comic book writers are at the fore of the BD festival. Mostly francophone, a handful of anglophones, this celebration of the “ninth art” includes (of course) a book fair, but also workshops, theatrical performances, and a chance to meet some of your favourite writers — like Jillian Tamaki. Information HERE.

Fuego Fuego Festiva

May 25 – 26, 2024
Olympic Park

4545 Pierre de Coubertin

Yes, it’s back. Two days of DJs who specialize in Latin music for a massive fiesta. Artists come from Puerto Rico, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Panama, Venezuela, and Mexico. Headliners are Maluma and Rauw Alejandro. Day pass $161, two days at $236. How long can you keep dancing for? Information HERE.

Go Vélo / Go Bike Festival

May 26 – June 2, 2024
Various locations

The spring events of Go Bike invites riders to join large group events in different parts of Montreal and its environs. Tackle the metropolitan challenge off island starting in Terrebonne, bike through the Plateau and Rosemont during the Tour de Nuit, take it longer with the Tour de l’Île — up to 100 km if you dare, or even take on the bike to work challenge. Info HERE.

Montreal St. Ambroise Fringe Festival

May 27 – June 16, 2024

Don’t take our word for it. Find out for yourself why this is the most exciting theatre festival in the city. Local comedians, actors, dancers, magicians, clowns, improvisers, and performers join those from further afield (some of whom who do nothing but perform in Fringe Festivals around the world) to stage productions that clock in at around an hour or less. Many types of passes are available and the vibe is unbelievable in this happy mish-mash of crazy goodness and questionable weirdness. Art, music, and other events are generally part of this festival too. Information HERE. 

Café Collectif : Festival de Café de Spécialité

May 31 – June 1, 2024

3487 St Laurent

While there may or may not be free coffee in the coffee shops featured, this is a chance to celebrate all the independent cafés and third wave coffee shops in Montreal and its surroundings. Head out to taste 30 specialty brews from places like Café Larue and fils, Melk, and Café Pista. $20 (which is about the price of 3 third-wave coffees). Info HERE.

Announced and Upcoming

MURAL Festival

June 6 – 16, 2024
Rue St Laurent

The best of graffiti artists from around the globe as well as local talent come to Montreal to paint our buildings. This year, look out for Zek One, Aryz, Osheen Siva, Aec Interesni Kazki, and more. It’s fun to take the walking tour, check out the free exhibitions, enjoy the street fair, and the music. Info HERE.

Portugal Festival

June 7 – 10, 2024
Mission Santa Cruz
60 Rachel O

Corner of Saint-Laurent Blvd. and Marie-Anne Street

Do you like Portuguese chicken? What about a parade? Fado music? Montreal’s Portuguese community hosts its annual festival. For details and information, click HERE.

MiniFest Hochelaga

June 13- 20, 2024
Various venues in Hochelaga

MiniFest returns to Hochelaga-Maisonneuve with over 200 comedians performing. Among the names of note are Catherine Ethier, Mike Paterson, and pretty much anyone who’s who in the franco comedy scene. Info HERE.

Francos de Montréal

June 14 – 22, 2024
Place des Festivals
1499 Rue Jeanne-Mance

Yes, the best of French music, with a special focus on our local talent takes over Place des Festivals with plenty of free stuff to check out as well as indoor programming of all sorts. The line up pulls in large crowds eager to enjoy some of our best. This year’s big shows include Eddy de Pretto, Francis Cabrel, Galaxie, Josman, Karkwa, and Le Roy Le Rose et Le Lou(p). The outdoor free shows soon to be announced. Info HERE.

Marché des Possibles/Entrepôt 77

Summer 2024
77 Bernard Est

This weekend market that combines vendors with food with drink with performances and events run by the POP Montreal gang. The vibe is local and the offerings always delightful. Info HERE.

Montreal International Jazz Festival

June 27 – July 6, 2024
Place des Arts

Every year, the downtown core thrums with music from Montreal’s jazz fest. Although jazz is more like one of the many dishes on offer — blues, experimental, international rhythms, beats, and classic rock are all there too. It’s a great party and one of the summer highlights. The 2024 lineup is already up and you can check out Norah Jones, Laufey, Andre 3000, Alexandra Stréliski, Geoffroy, Kurt Vile and the Violators, and many others. Get your tickets now. Information and tickets HERE.


Aug 2 – 4, 2024
Parc Jean Drapeau

MUSIC. 3 DAYS OF MUSIC! And art. Green Day, Smashing Pumpkins, SZA, Hozier, Lil TJAY, Noah Kahan, Skepta, and many others are headlining. Info HERE.

Île Soniq

Aug 9 – 11, 2024
Parc Jean Drapeau

If you didn’t get enough of your dance on at OSHEAGA or you’re happy to skip anything you can’t dance to, Île Soniq was made for you. Two straight days of the fabulous EDM and DJs. Headliners include Zedd, Ben Böhmer, Paul Kalkbrenner, Tiesto, Masterhand. You get the point. Info HERE.

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