Fringe Dispatch #2 with Clavis Argentum: Presser

Fringe Festival 2016. Program Launch. Photo Rachel Levine Fringe Festival 2016. Program Launch. Photo Rachel Levine

Remember how I mentioned that the promo was ramping up? The presser was last night. The presser is a fun event that is designed to woo journalists into writing about the festival. As if they wouldn’t anyways. But what is especially useful about the presser, is that you get to find out what is changing, if anything at all, and what to expect, special events and the like. For example, this year, we are getting a new beer tent over around NTS. There are shows up there this year, and its a great space, if a bit far. It’ll be good to have a spot to hang around in before and after shows, out of the rain, and where fine beverages will be sold.

Holly Greco Feeds the Animals. Dispatches from the Fringe. Photo Angela Potvin.

Holly Feeds the Animals

Another “fun” change we found out about is that there will be no reserved tickets at the door. Ack. Personally, I don’t know about that one. There is something so inherently Fringey about waiting in line at a venue for an otherwise sold-out show, uncertainty coursing through your veins, a certain electricity. It keeps things democratic for those that are not in the know, and drums up excitement. It’s a great opportunity to meet people, as you camp out in line in hopes of getting that elusive last ticket. Furthermore, it allows you to oversell in the case of no-shows, making the artists a bit more coin. I don’t know. Maybe I’m old school, but I am sure that the on-highs have their reasons. To me, the tickets set aside fact was a feature, not a bug.

Dispatches from the Fringe. Photo Angela Potvin.

Pick your winners early and always drink grapefruit juice out of a pint glass.

At any rate, about 70 people jammed into North Star, the pinball bar, and were treated to some sandwiches and latkes, and a few games of pinball and all was well in the world. Right afterwards, the team held another party, this one open to the general public, the unveiling of the program at the Mainline Gallery. This one was a bit more of a lively affair, with artists already showing up in costume to flyer and a dance party breaking out. People are such nerds. Beautiful, beautiful nerds. I saw a lot of Star Trek costumes, and one guy in the back was doing card tricks. I think I caught a volunteer making out in the back with someone. So it starts. The romance in between Robyn songs. A wistful here we go again, as I keep dancing on my own.

Dispatches from the Fringe. Photo Angela Potvin.

Pinball Wizards. Or just Wizards.

On the rehearsal front, we are now at the stage where an actor who shall remain nameless had to drop out suddenly for work reasons, so let’s re-block and schedule another round. This is the curse of the big cast. Montreal Fringe isn’t exactly where you make any money, whatsoever. This means that the majority of the actors are not being paid for their time and love. This means that if the money thing that you do needs you to be there more, you are going to ditch. And so here we are. Its early enough in the process that we can figure it out, but its always a disappointment. So cancel your Friday night plans and off to the rehearsal dungeon we go to get the new actor on point. Meanwhile, I still don’t know my lines. My director is going to kill me. But hey, its still May, so let’s all breathe a bit before plunging into the depths of the fest.

Angela Potvin has been Fringing for 14 years now, and that makes her feel old. She’s performing in the Clavis Argentum at Theatre St. Catherine, also known as the show with the Latin name playing at TSC. Box office will know what you are talking about. Tickets $12, details HERE.

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