FTA Brings Capital A Art to Montreal

Daniel Léveillé Danse ( DLD ), Montréal, Solitudes Duo. Daniel Léveillé Danse ( DLD ), Montréal, Solitudes Duo. Photo Denis Farley

Montreal showcases new works in dance and theatre at its properly arty festivals, the Festival TransAmériques. Internationally celebrated choreographers, writers, and directors with strong works are invited to participate. This year, the artisans come from Utrecht, New York, Berlin, Lisbon, and Les Mans, along with plenty of Canadians.

As most shows only run a few days, figuring out what to see can be challenging (and the festival has already started), we present the following list of shows you should make sure to catch.


Age and Beauty Part 1: Mid-Career Artist/Suicide Note Or & :/

If titles tell all, this dance piece is going to be an edgy look at a dancer’s career after the prime is over. Miguel Gutierrez is known for his queer performances that are dynamic, playful and sexy.

May 25 is at Theatre Prospero at 7 p.m. $28/32 at


Solitudes Duo

We always love the dance works of Daniel Léveillé whose work Solitudes Solo was performed in 2012. Now, he’s back with Solitudes Duo. The expectation is for the sparse, black box space, no props, no set. The dancers are often stripped down (sometimes to nude) so you can see every muscle in their bodies working as they strive for his near impossible demands. Exquisite choreography will show the failings of human connection, but amazing dance.

Solitudes Duo takes place at the Agora de la Dance on May 26-28 at 9 p.m. $45.


New York director Daniel Fish is an academic as well as a force to reckon with. Eternal has two actors sit side by side and repeat  the final scene of a movie about the human heart over 20 times. Sort of like the film, The Aristocrats, but less dirty.

Eternal is at Theatre La Chapelle May 31-June 2. $19/16. In English


Isolde is a play directed by Richard Maxwell based on the medieval Celtic romance Tristan and Iseult. It is not set in a castle, but in a contemporary world and provides a study of the female mind.

Isolde is at Maison Theatre June 2-4 at 8 p.m. $45/38. In English with french subtitles

The FTA runs until June 4. You can check the schedule and tickets HERE.



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