Ready, Set, Read : Salon du Livre in Montreal

Michel Tremblay. Photo Hugo S Bastien Aubert Michel Tremblay. Photo Hugo S Bastien Aubert

The 37th edition of Salon du Livre de Montreal has opened its doors, and it’s definitely a place to be for the book lovers.

The opening day anxiously awaited by hundreds of book lovers, journalists, and of course writers. Finally, Le Salon du livre of Montreal is back, and with it, thousands of surprises, authors, events, and of course prizes for the best books of the year.

The opening, this time, was particular because it was done in a musical way: with the orchestra Fanfare Pourpour. Did you miss the musical beginning? No worries! There are plenty more events to come.

This year, the theme is “Montreal book franco-sphere.”

The idea (behind the words) is to present books, published in french, coming from all around the world and to make them known to the public. It also means that books lovers, frantic readers and words enthusiasts will be able to celebrate, learn, and share their passions with guests and other visitors. All in all, it will be six days of discoveries, meetings, dedications and of course various animations around books.

This event is definitely the place to be if you love the art of words.

Curious? Good, because this year edition will definitely blow your mind.

There are no Salons without famous guests. This year the Salon du Livre is honoring the tradition by inviting writers from all around the globe, in order to celebrate with them the passion of writing and reading of course.

This year guests of honor are the philosopher Normand Baillargeon (author of more than 30 books), Richard Béliveau (known in the health field especially for his cancer research), the poet Denise Desautels (recipient of the price of the Governor General), Catherine Girard-Audet (author of l’ABC des filles and the series La vie compliqué de Léa Olivier), Max Lobe (an african writter from Cameroun coming with his second novel), Kathrine Pancol (the famous writer who’s books have touched millions of readers in the world), Remy Simard (famous in the edition world and illustration world in Quebec), Michel Tremblay (famous writer of plays and novels, who has seen his work spread all around the world) and Marie-Jean Vinciguerra (author with an impressive resume that combines academics, literature, writing, diplomatic questions and political world).

You will also cross paths with Michel Marc Bouchard the spokesperson for Livres comme l’air in this special edition of Le Salon du Livre.

All of those wonderful authors will be present and ready for questions, interviews, animations with the public, and of course dedications of their books.

Every year the Salon gives prizes, including the Fleury-Mesplet to a person, an organization or initiative that helps the publishing world in Quebec progress. Another prize, the Marcel-Couture prize, goes to an author whose book is found of great quality and beauty

There are a lot of  events that take place in Le Salon du Livre this year. One of those who shall not be missed is for the little ones and is called L’heure du compte en pyjama. The idea is to bring your children in their pyjamas and sit in the Salon, where they will hear a tale like they were at home in bed. It will be a fun way to interact with them and help them see the beauty coming from the books. Who knows?Maybe one of them is already a writer inside? This fun activity is designed  to promote a taste of reading and will take place this year in le Salon for the pleasure of small ones (and their parents).

This year will definitely be special. If you really want to be able to call yourself a book lover, you definitely have to be a part of it!

Do not miss you chance, go online, check the schedule (for events, dedication and activities), plan your trip, and go discover. Go read for the pleasure of your heart, and the pleasure of the authors and organizers of the event. They are waiting for YOU!

Le salon du livre de Montreal takes place at the Hall d’exposition de la place Bonaventure from November 19-24.