Hélène et les animaux: animals and humans find their happily ever after

Hélène et les animaux Hélène et les animaux

Have you ever turned your tv on a Wednesday night? Around 7 p.m.? Ever gotten around channel TV5 Mond ? If you have done these things, then, you probably already know all about the show that I am about to discuss here. If you haven’t then please do not zap and keep on reading. You are in for a treat.

Hélène et les animaux

Hélène et les animaux

Every Wednesday, Hélène Gateau (former veterinarian and tv show host) is opening the doors of an all new world for you in «Hélène et les animaux». A world where animals are kings and human hearts are huge. Constructed like small documentaries, each episode will lead you on the roads of France to meet incredible people and the also incredible animals that are sharing their lives. Zoo keepers, shelter owners, animal lovers, animal rescuers, they are all there to bring you closer to animals and their true nature.

Essential questions like “How to properly take care of them?”, “What is the link between animal and human beings?”, and “What do we really know about them?”, will find answers in the weekly show animated by Hélène Gateau. So what do you say? Ready to take the plunge?

From snakes to pigs, from llamas to horses, each rendez-vous is a unique chance to see our furry (or scaly) friends up close. Travelling through the beautiful villages and regions of France, Hélène Gateau travels to people’s doorsteps. Each week, those ordinary human beings share with Hélène their extraordinary lives. And now, it is time to share those with you.

But what exactly is the life of people who take it upon themselves to protect animals like? And what if they end up taking care of the animals by accident before making the choice? How much time does one have to give to those beautiful creatures? So many questions lie in the air, and there are so many wonderful stories to hear. It amazes me how kind human being can be sometimes. There is no doubt that these stories have to be told. You just have to look, take a leap of faith, a leap of fun, and you will enjoy tremendously.

Hélène et les animaux

Hélène et les animaux

Considering Hélène Gateau’s insight on animals (veterinarian remember?), the portrayal is more complete than ever. Essential aspects of animal care are being discussed in a way that was rarely seen before. Convinced yet? I hope you are, because this tv show is really one of the best I have seen in a long time. And you know what? From children to the elderly, it is a show for everyone.
As for us at Rampage, we love it. We love it so much in fact that we were deeply saddened to hear that it has been cancelled after its third season in France. Good thing is, here in Quebec, it’s just starting, so you still have a whole season to enjoy. And to treat you a little bit more, I even got to meet the wonderfully intelligent Hélène Gateau for an interview in Paris in December. Interested in reading what we talked about? Then don’t miss it in the next few days. It will come up soon!

As always, thank you for reading, and may you enjoy it as much as I did.

«Hélène et les animaux» airs on Wednesdays at 7 p.m., TV5 Monde.