How to Call Customer Service… especially at this time of year

We Waited 30 Minutes and No Service We waited 30 minutes and no service

With the “Gift-Giving-Exchange” just around the corner, I feel a strong need to address a few things In this technological age we are living in, you likely ordered a bulk of your holiday gifts online and they will likely be shipped to you by some courrier service, and you’re likely feeling some anxiety as to when these gifts will arrive.

In your anxiety, you will likely call a customer service line of some sorts, and that customer service representative will likely be more than happy to help you, wherever they are working.

So before you do that, here are a few notes:

    1. Be prepared. Know what you’re calling about. If you’re putting in the effort to look up the number, make sure to have all YOUR information straight, whether it be an e-mail address, order number, serial number, tracking number. BE prepared.

    be prepared

    be prepared

    2. Give the agent a chance to pull up your file. State why you are calling in one sentence or less and allow for instructions. Going off on a four minute rant about who it’s for and why you bought it and what your expectations were and how much you spent and the date and time you placed the order does not help anyone in the NOW, especially if you’re barking it at someone for whom it is brand new information and you give them nothing tangible to work with.

    3. Know the person you are speaking to is your ally, not your enemy. Avoid threats (i.e. “My husband is gonna come down there and take care of this/you”, “My sister’s a lawyer”, “I’m going to get you fired”). These threats are empty and do not instill fear, just annoyance. It does not incline anyone to go “above and beyond” for you, if there is a way. It just makes you an irritable person that needs a time-out. Avoid being this person. Understand that your frustration is understood.

    angry gif

    angry gif

    4. Be prepared to listen. You’ve asked your question, now allow for help. Constantly cutting someone off does not change the answer or allow them to get to the explanation of the solution. It just makes them start over once you’ve finished interrupting. If this is you, do not get angry that the agent is repeating themselves. They have to, since you have likely shown no signs of listening or comprehending.

    5. Remember you are calling someone who knows how things work and who is also likely in the midst of holiday shopping. As much as you expect whomever is on the other line to understand you, try to understand them too. What happened is 0.00001% their fault, most of the time, so yelling at them is pointless (see note 3).

I realize this isn’t advice that will change the world and turn us to a state of world peace. However, it is useful in helping us help each other on a much smaller, superficial scale. In a world that is falling apart (see international news), why diminish one’s morale and spirits during the holiday season — and I stress SEASON — for four seconds of someone else’s joy while they unwrap a gift? It is the holiday season for everyone and anyone who sees it as such, so please avoid isolating yourself and those on your shopping list. Just because someone is not on your list, does not mean they deserve to be on the naughty list.