Image+Nation film festival is here

image + nation film festival a worm in the heart poster image + nation film festival a worm in the heart poster

Montreal’s local and Canada’s first LGBTQ+ film festival, Image+Nation, is going virtual across Quebec for a 33rd edition. A large canvas of films is being made available for this year’s festival from November 19 to December 6.

With a year that has been dictated by film festivals and all forms of arts presentations having to redefine and restructure how they make cinema and the arts in general available to their communities, Image+Nation is back with over 30% more films for this 2020 edition. With the festival now going online, this also means that more films will be available with subtitles in English and French. 

Of particular focus will be the narratives of LGBTQ+ people and how they deal with aging in their communities. ‘Generations’ will focus on films and aging.

The festival also boasts a new tool, which will give viewers the chance to curate their own festivals. Live streamed events and interactive presentations with filmmakers and other artists will also happen throughout the festival.

I checked out my first look of the festival with the animated short Purple Boy by Alexandre Siqueira, which is a beautiful and touching tale of gender and growing up in a world of binary norms. 

Check out the programming of Image+Nation here. The festival takes place online until December 6th, 2020.