Incredibles 2 delivers after a 14 year wait

Incredibles 2 Incredibles 2

We live in a world where Cars is now a trilogy, but it takes a decade for a sequel of The Incredibles to be released. Fortunately, we finally got the movie we’ve been waiting for. It’s written and directed by Brad Bird, who also made the first instalment. The filmmaker went through a lot in order to get Incredibles 2 made, like finding new voice actors for some characters and making sure his script was just right. The wait is now over and luckily this film does deliver a lot on what you loved from the first movie. 

Taking place after the end of the first Incredibles, Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) is now working with a man named Winston Denvor, who wants to make superheroes legal again. Superheroes have been causing a lot of collateral damage, so the government has forced them to be ordinary civilians with the Superhero Relocation program. While Elastigirl is out there saving the city, Mr. Incredible (Craig T. Nelson) is busy taking care of his three kids Dash, Violet, and Jack-Jack, and that’s pretty much the basic premise of Incredibles 2.

Let’s start with the fact that Incredibles 2 does a great job of putting Elastigirl in the spotlight this time around. She is undeniably one of the best characters in the entire movie, and whenever she’s doing superhero-related stuff, it’s pretty entertaining. You can tell that Brad Bird wanted to concentrate on her a lot more. The family dynamic you loved in the first movie is still there, and they all have a great bond with each other. It finds a way to properly focus on both Elastigirl’s new job and Mr. Incredible being a father, while still making it feel well-balanced. Both of those arcs have relevance with one another, since they both touch on the theme of supporting each other as a family.

Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2

What’s also noticeable in Incredibles 2 is that it’s a lot more humourous than the previous instalment. There are a lot of funny moments in this movie, especially coming from the scene-stealing Jack-Jack. It’s a lot less dramatic and gritty than the first film, as it’s more light-hearted. Also, the action scenes are fantastic, and you just can’t help but appreciate the animators’ hard work. Seeing these characters team up and fight bad guys is a lot of fun, and it puts a smile on your face!

Speaking of bad guys, the main villain Screenslaver is unfortunately the weakest part of the film. The character’s motivation is clear, but the problem is that his story is a little rushed and underdeveloped. Compared to the menacing Syndrome, Screenslaver, while interesting at times, does feel like a clichéd villain you probably have seen in other superhero movies before. When the character first appears on screen, you feel the tension of wanting to stop this guy. But then as the movie goes on, you start to forget about the villain, which is a bummer.

Incredibles 2

Incredibles 2

In the end, Incredibles 2 is another worthy film that carries on the Disney Pixar legacy. It does everything a sequel should do, such as improving its main characters, having entertaining moments, and developing its story. If you’re a Disney Pixar fan, you will be pleased. If you’re a superhero fan, you will be pleased. And if you’re a fan of the original Incredibles and have been waiting a long time for the sequel, you will most certainly be satisfied. No pun intended, but Incredibles 2 is truly an incredible film.

Incredibles 2 is now playing in theatres.

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