International Saturday Goes to Detroit

Deep Spelle with Laura Scavo. Photo Sarah Bemri. Deep Spelle with Laura Scavo. 2015. Village au Pied du Courant. Photo Sarah Bemri.

Last Saturday night was one of the International Saturdays in Village au Pied-du-Courant. These Saturdays feature international and local artists and musicians playing live music in the beachy location, in addition to various food trucks being on the site (Queen B, Phoenix 1, and Traiteur Guru).

Queen B. Bol Burrito. Photo Rachel Levine

Queen B. Bol Burrito. Food truck. Photo Rachel Levine

This Saturday’s destination was Detroit and it was presented by OCTOV, in French: On Casse Tout On Vomit (translated: We break Everything We Throw Up). OCTOV is an electronic music collective created by two French friends. One of them had the idea of the slogan while the other thought of making stickers out of it. You have probably already seen those stickers around town especially in bars or clubs.

Their mutual love for electronic music and for dark humour gave birth to this collective and they’ve been organizing parties for one year in Montreal. Their aim is to give a chance for new talents from Montreal, Paris and Detroit to build a name for themselves in the scene. These talents are specialized in house, deep house, tech house, techno, deep/dub techno, minimal and downtempo.

Overview on the crowd. Village au Pied du Courant. 2015. Photo Sarah Bemri.

Overview on the crowd. Village au Pied-du-Courant. 2015. Photo Sarah Bemri.

The weather was perfect to enjoy this electronic night. The different DJs played double sets, with the sets beginning at 3:30 p.m. and continuing until 23:30.
DJ DoublePlaisir, a local DJ opened the afternoon. He was followed by Drol a French DJ who will play in the Mutek festival in Colombia next September.
Laura Scavo a local DJ who played back to back with Maya Jane Coles in the opening of the piknic electronik season was on the turntables at 5:20 p.m. The vocals that accompanied the beats were enchanting and hypnotic. I could tell the crowd was very pleased.

Deep Spelle, a DJ from Montreal who played in Paris as well, took over and he took advantage of the crowd that was heated up already. His deep house gave an ambient sense of well-being and happy feeling.
And then the special guest from Detroit Isaac Prieto was the last to play. He brought the crowd to an almost state of trance, a nice and deep trance. The DJs played two times each until after 11 p.m.

It was over all a nice experience, with good vibes and good music, enhanced by the fact that it was outdoors, having a nice view on the Jacques Cartier Bridge.
And all this was completely FREE! OCTOV did a nice job with this venue.

OCTOV’s next event is scheduled for September 26 with ELECTRIC RESCUE (LIVE) W/ DEEP SPELLE and RAFA PINEDA. Info HERE. The Village au Pied du Courant hosts events every Saturday and other days too. See HERE for details.