Interstellar is Out of Sight!

interstellar interstellar

To say that Christopher Nolan continues his wonderful filmography with Interstellar is a complete understatement. This film is likely to go down as one of his finest, if not his greatest film. Nolan shot Interstellar completely on film, and much of it in glorious 70mm IMAX. In doing this he reminds us how important shooting on film really is as well as what a complete visionary he is.

The story focuses on Matthew McConaughey’s character Cooper, a former NASA test pilot turned farmer living in a near-future world where the Earth is barely able to sustain humanity. Earth’s crops have mostly died out, dust storms assault the remaining population, and there’s little hope. Cooper is quickly forced to leave his family in a last-ditch effort to relocate humanity to another world before it’s too late.



McConaughey shares the screen with the likes of Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain, Michael Cane, Casey Affleck, Matt Damon… the list goes on. The cast is incredible, and each actor gives a truly remarkable performance that radiates off the screen. They bring life, emotion, and believability to characters that are all very different with very different motivations.

This film manages to be both thought provoking and full of action. It is grounded in reality but still has its share of fantasy moments, especially closer to the end of the film. The special effects are breathtaking, you feel like you are taking this incredible journey with these characters. Each world they visit is incredibly thought out, unique, and like nothing we’ve seen on the screen before. Despite the often heavy and emotional subject matter, the film is always engaging and has quite a few moments of comic relief brought out by two uniquely designed robots.



Nolan has proven himself a master of filmmaking with incredible vision. This film is ambitious, bold, and emotional with a smart script that doesn’t get bogged down trying to explain the complexities of space and time. It tells us what we need to know and never gets confusing.

This is not just a film, it is an event; an event that was meant to be experienced in the IMAX theatre and it is worth every single penny. At a running time of nearly three hours I felt like I didn’t blink once. If you are going to go to the movies once this year, make it for Interstellar.

5/5 Stars. Interstellar is in theatres now.

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