Interview: Montreal Native Musical Gem Das Blankout

das blank out photo marie-christine huot das blank out. photo marie-christine huot

Do you want to know what the real Montreal rock music scene sounds like? If you get stoked on alternative yet mainstream sounding music, then you’ll definitely be into the seriously underrated tracks from breakout alternative rock group Das Blankout.

The group consists of lead guitar and vocalist Matt Burghardt, bassist Kim Burghardt, and Patrik Bilodeau on drums. The trio spontaneously came together and instantly meshed forming a distinct stylistic quality that is hard to parallel. I had the pleasure of sitting down with the two male members of the group to get a feel for what they are all about. Das Blankout is creatively producing a unique evolutionary sound. A soft infusion of different genres subtlety balances out harder rock spirit of their music packing each song with mesmeric appeal.

The group stands as a solid trio but exceeds expectations of its small numbers producing a full bodied sound and developed signature. Throwing back to names such as RUSH and the Police, the guys were clear that good music is about the level of dedication and the heart you put in. Every detail of Das Blankout is embossed with driven potential, through solid style and aesthetic, dedication and sincere musical talent they are bound to make a wicked mark on the alternative rock scene.

“Generally we wanted to have an easily appreciated sound, never want people to hear it and say oh turn that shit off, it has to be accessible. If you’re too into a niche they’re either going to love it or hate it, we try to make music that touches pretty much everyone” — Matt

Strategic with their marketing, the band is relentlessly working to further their work. A tour is on the horizon hoping to extend their following around Ontario and Quebec. “There’s a lot of procedure to it, and you have to work with where you are,” they say. Reaching out is the main priority of the group whose music is ready to be heard.

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“We’ve made mistakes but now we know a lot more things,” the group agreed reflecting on past business decisions. They produced a breakout album Everything Diamonds that was discarded after release, a testament to their commitment to quality. “It wasn’t at the same level. Now King of the World is an amazing product,” Patrik explains of the group’s newly released single (available for purchase HERE). It’s about rarity, having the best possible music concentrated into a few sick tunes. Few available songs are a blessing to those seeking a satisfying taste of fleshed out rock. Vibing along to any of the three songs on the bands SoundCloud will give you a genuine slap in the face of original catchy music.

Expertly balancing the divide between easy-listening comfort and passionate energy the sentiment extends past their general vibe. Humble yet hopeful the three members are confident in their signature sounds. Stoically pursuing their art Das Blankout is the perfect example of Montreal musical talent that definitely deserves your attention. Lets help show them some love.

Das Blankout has a release party with The City Gates for the song King of the World at Quai des Brumes (4481 St Denis) on April 29 at 9:30 p.m.