Interview with The Wilderness of Manitoba

The Wilderness of Manitoba

Toronto based indie-folk rock band, The Wilderness of Manitoba are back in town for the first time since 2010 to celebrate the final days of their “Island of Echoes” tour. Performing this coming Sunday at Divan Orange, it will be one of the final chances to see this group rock out their sweet signature tunes before the release of their up and coming album!

The Wilderness of Manitoba

The Wilderness of Manitoba

Folk rockers, Stephan Banjevic, Sean Lancaric, Amanda Balsys, and Will Whitwham are the wonderful musicians who make up this great Canadian band. Currently celebrating a wicked start to the new year, The Wilderness of Manitoba have recently been nominated for two Canadian Folk Music Awards, ‘Pushing the Boundaries’ and ‘Vocal Group of the Year.’ And to top it off, the group were also nominated for a Juno Award!

Will Whitwham, singer and songwriter, says the experience for being nominated for a Juno was totally surreal. “Juno’s are important because they allow everyone to take a step back and recognise all of the other hardworking, talented people in the country working towards a similar means,” he says.

THe WIlderness of Manitoba. Island of Echoes.

THe WIlderness of Manibota. Island of Echoes.

Kick starting their music career four years ago with the release of their first album in 2009, The Hymns of Love and Spirits, the band has been steadily evolving ever since. With their heartwarming sounds, gentle and poetic melody, and beautiful soundscape it is no wonder they are so well-loved across Canada and overseas. The last few months for The Wilderness of Manitoba have been non-stop with tours, music awards and recordings for the new album which is due to be released in August!

The new album is sure to be a wonderful treat! We can expect a lot more variation in sound compared with previous albums, featuring added instrumental and solo sections. “The aesthetic of the music has changed while still keeping vocals, harmony and certain atmospheres intact which has always been the goal and trademark within the band: to experiment with sound but maintain our signature,” Whitwham says.

So with all these exciting new tunes to look forward to, and in celebration of the bands previous album, Island of Echoes, there is not a better way to celebrate than to see The Wilderness of Manitoba perform live with Whitebrow this weekend.

The Wilderness of Manitoba and Whitebrow perform at Divan Orange (4234 ST. Laurent) on April 6. 9:30 p.m.