Is There Something Funny Going On?

There IS something funny going on. And it’s every Monday night at The Blue Dog. Comedy enthusiasts Rashta Kruger and Emma Wilke have created an event that is about to take them through to their 100th show next month. They’ve got passion and wits, a deadly combo.  Emma and Rashta host an array of amateur comics who hit the stage from 8:30 to 11:30 pm — laughs are sure to be had. One in particular made me laugh exceptionally hard.

Jacy Lafontaine from Cornwall, ON, has been making her move into comedy within the last couple years. Coming from a theatre and dance background, she has been making quite the impression on the local scene.  She got her start at Paul Ash’s Kick Ash Comedy show, which took place for four years at Andrew’s Pub.  From there, she took Joey Elias‘ stand-up class.  Two or three times a year,the Comedy Nest becomes home to the newest wave of comedians from this class, with all proceeds going to charity.

Blue Dog Comedy. Photo Ben Kelly

Jacy Lafontaine. Blue Dog Comedy. Photo Ben Kelly

Lafontaine has seen tremendous support from these two fine individuals, and her boyfriend Jason Yearrow. He is also a local comedian, making them quite the couple.

“Montreal comedians are very supportive. They give you the drive to go back and keep doing it even if you have bad nights,” Lafonataine says.

As for her material, Lafontaine likes to stick to every-day topics such as having minor to major intolerance to bratty children, misadventures on the metro and the love of sperm.

I asked how she gauges an audience.

“For a joke to be funny, I feel it has to be reach the biggest amount of people,” she says.  “So you have to keep in mind that the material has to be relatable in some way.  Everybody has a different opinion of what’s funny and what’s offensive. If you can find a balance, then you’re good.”

It seems to be working so far, and she will be popping up into open mics and feature shows throughout the city all year. So keep and ear out, you won’t regret it.  Make sure to keep up with her because the jokes keep evolving.

Rashta, Jeremy Dobski, and Mike Meo also host an open mic show every Sunday at McLean’s Pub on Peel where Rashta is a bartender. The big event this season for There’s Something Funny Going is the upcoming 100th show, going down on March 24th. There’s a secret headliner too. It will definitely be worth checking out.

There’s Something Funny Going On is at the Blue Dog Bar (3958 St. Laurent) every Monday night. Show 8:30 p.m. – 11:30 p.m. PWYC.