Leave Your Reality and Come Visit Joketown

Joketown. Photo Dimitri Kyres Joketown. Photo Dimitri Kyres

Last month I had the pleasure of returning to Joketown, a show where four brand new comedies are created in less than a week and democratic applause determines who gets to be mayor.

To start my visit I was greeted by a very well mannered banana as host. This banana was very tall, and excited to introduce and familiarize the visitors to Joketown. The banana told us that as our time in this town goes on, we will slowly water a plant that can only grow and thrive off of good jokes and the realm that appears to have the best looking mayor will take victory.

Underlying themes like “prolonged eye contact” and regeneration were to be used in each of the four realms of Joketown.

Our first glimpse into the first realm of Joketown is in an intergalactic setting. The locals are under very strict rules where nothing can be too funny or sad otherwise everything goes off balance. In great anticipation, the visitors of Joketown are left to wonder if this world will explode and ruin itself with the inhabitants that have destroyed everything. The prolonged eye contact in this realm was used greatly as the supreme leader was challenged by subordinates.

After this first taste of Joketown, the banana returns, and the plant needs more jokes (also known as water) to grow. The banana is still in a really good mood and loves hearing ideas from the visitors.

The next realm appears and we see a restaurant, we see a home. People at different stages in their life feel like returning to a simpler place. Luckily in this realm you can order your infancy in minutes! People who want to be thinner or happier can do so immediately thanks to a magical restaurant. A wife is confused why her husband doesn’t enjoy her new slim baby body and others don’t know why their peers can’t accept their weight loss. Legal lines started to get crossed when newly turned “adult consciousness in a baby body” hybrids start becoming more prevalent.

Thus far, serious matters are addressed in the realms of Joketown. Aside from wanting a baby body and trying not to be too pleasant or too down, other realms suggest not ignoring your dreams of becoming a gorilla cheerleader or a sci-fi warrior who may or may not have a twin.

Through all of these glimpses, the winner of the current Joketown universe is picked from the realm in which a beautiful, rich but unhappy wife goes for her dream of donning a gorilla costume whilst dancing her butt off. Through fate and hot dogs, her husband finds his way back to her and falls in love again but with her true “gorilla on the outside” self.

The next invitation into the realm of Joketown is happening next month. Don’t forget that no ridiculous idea is left behind.

The next installment will take place at Theatre St. Catherine. Keep an eye on the website for the exact day. $10 at the door or $8 in advance.