Itchy: The Little Things Zine Launch at Glass Door Gallery

Itchy Zine Launch. Artwork Morag Rahn-Campbell Itchy Zine Launch. Artwork Morag Rahn-Campbell

Talking amongst close friends can lead to inspiring ideas that flourish into their own art. “Itchy: The Little Things” is exactly that idea put into practice from mutually shared experience of friends who have experienced pinnacle moments of anxious feelings and confusion. Local artist Zoë Gelfant came up with the concept for the zine after talking to her roommate about the little things that make you reflect on those difficult moments as well as look for the things to help get you through tough times. From there, the project was pieced together in such a way that is as natural as sharing these stories with loved ones.

On Saturday, the artists and writers behind the zine will host the official launch of the first issue. The event will have installations from Zoë Gelfant, Jazmin Mehrmann, Morag Rahn-Campbell, and Nico Holzmann, among other artists from the zine who will have their pieces on display. Vancouver electronic artist Jonathan Scherk will perform an experimental sound piece.

If you’re a fan of supporting independent artists then this event will surely keep you occupied with lovely artwork that will inspire you as much as it did for the contributors.

The launch takes place at the Glass Door Gallery (4064 St. Laurent) February 4 at 7 p.m. pwyc. More details HERE.