Be Tween Gets the Awkward

Be Tween Be Tween

Written by Nadia Perron

Awkward would be the correct word.

When you think about your teenage years, you certainly think how ugly and awkward you were back then. Between the puberty, the acne and that weird transition from being a kid to becoming a teenager… Nothing cute there.

Then comes the first dance, first kiss, first love, and first sexual experience. You kiss someone for the first time and BAM your world is change, you are in love and, of course, it’s the big thing that will last “forever”. Friends are everything to you at that age, you do not go a day without talking to them. Everyone knows who YOUR bff is because obviously like any respectable teen you share best friend rings. Being a teenager is still having that adorable child ignorance while trying to figure out adult stuff.

That’s exactly what was reflected in Be-Tween, a comedy written and directed by Phoebe Fregoli. It all take place in a high school and it focuses on six kids who try to figure out their love lives and sexuality but in a cute-naive way. What’s a blow job? What body part does a yogurt tube make you think of? Does Corey like me back? Do I smell bad? And the list goes on! The six of them are so representative of typical teenagers. Watching them at the school dance, hesitating, “Should I ask her to dance or not?” felt like I was brought back to my own teen drama!

The comedy was showcased at Tuesday Night Café Theatre which is a student-run theatre company associated with the English department of McGill University. The TNC can sit around fifty people, so it is one of those cozy places where you can really enjoy the play without other distraction. For my part, I think there could not have been a better place for that show. It the perfect environment to make you travel down memories land and think to your own awkwardness has a teen.

Be Tween ran from Jaunuary 18-21.