Joe Bronzi Seduces with His Green Eyes and One Liners

Joe Bronzi Joe Bronzi in t-shirt

Article by William.

Hello ladies and gentleman, the comedian Joe Bronzi is in town and anyone who enjoys a good laugh should pay attention. Bronzi has opened for Jerry Seinfeld, Gilbert Gottfried, and Louie Anderson.

I braved -20 degree weather for the interview. When, I arrived at the lobby and began surveying the area for anyone who looked like a “Joe”. After waiting for 15 minutes with no luck, I began to gather my belongings with the thought of enjoying some poutine at La Banquise. That’s when a slender man wearing a Dallas Cowboys caps greeted me, and wouldn’t you know, it was Joe.

The first thing I noticed about this man were his green eyes. It was as if I got lost in a forest just looking at them. If I were attracted to men, things might have taken a very different turn at this point in the interview.  Luckily, Joe and I met to speak about comedy, and that’s exactly what we did.

It became readily apparent that Joe had a knack for firing off one liners, while also offering some wisdom into the finer points of life.

William Dembi (WD): You’ve opened up for some big names such as Jerry Seinfeld and Gilbert Godfried. Who has been your favorite comedian to work with and why?

Joe Bronzi (JB): Brad Garret, he’s the kindest most generous person. He is devastatingly funny.


WD: Where do you draw the inspiration for your comedy?

JB: Comedians you meet have some kind of screwed up background. My dad was an alcoholic, sob sob blah blah and whatever. He split and left my mom to raise seven kids. So I would say humor is a defense mechanism. But in truth, I guess my inspiration is women, girls. I discovered in high school that women would laugh at what I would say. I realized that oh, I’m not a jock, I’m never going to be a model, so humor is my in. Oh, and I do it for my kids


WD: What kind of person do you think would enjoy your show?

JB: One that’s breathing.


WD: What’s the funniest memory you had while touring?

JB: I had a naked woman knock on my hotel room door in Vegas. If you had to open a hotel door, and see anyone naked, she would be at the top of my list. Thank god, it could have been a much different experience. I could have retired from comedy depending on who I opened the door for.


WD: Finally, are you working on any other projects besides stand up that your fans should be excited about?

JB: Definitely. We recently updated my website, for anyone who is interested.

Joe Bronzi performs at The Comedy Works January 23 – 25. 8:30 and 10:30 . Tickets $15