Joketown Joins Off-JFL

With Alain Mercieca, Lar Vi, Kiki Razzle, Emery Fine and Nancy Webb at Joketown. Joketown. With Alain Mercieca, Lar Vi, Kiki Razzle, Emery Fine and Nancy Webb at Joketown.

When thinking of the Just for Laughs festival you imagine a stand-up comedian usually alone, on stage delivering and their material. With Joketown being added to the OFF-JFL mix, as an audience member you will be involved in something completely different. With the talents of actors, as well as stand-up, improv, and sketch comedians, Joketown brings you a wild variety pack of ridiculous entertainment. In this town, anything is possible such as intergalactic hierarchical worlds, adults who have swapped for baby bodies because adult bodies change, sassy but dangerous private eyes, or bored beautiful housewives who would rather be gorillas. With every edition of Joketown comes a new mayor who is elected through the loudest applause. To give their best effort, every team (which contains 4 people) uses any material (also physical messy materials like hot dogs) that they can get their hands on to make sure that the audience members are fully immersed in their current world. While visiting Joketown which was created by DJ Mausner and Alain Mercieca, at one point you will be in shock and simultaneously amused at what you are seeing as these town members have thought of it ALL.

This edition of Joketown, which is the titled Simply the Best, will be showcasing all of the most wacky sketches from the past 21 editions in one night. Just like the Tina Turner classic you’ll be screaming: “Tear us apart, baby I would rather be dead.” Just kidding. You’ll be happily saying, “I could be in no better place” while laughing your ass off in Joketown.

Joketown – Simply the Best will be happening July 21st at 10:30pm at MainLine Theatre. Tickets here