Just For Laughs The Nasty Show Review

Ms. Pat. The Nasty Show. Ms. Pat. The Nasty Show.

It’s Just for Laughs time and The Nasty Show is back. Hosted by Robert Kelly, it features five comedians: Brad Williams, Nikki Glaser, Mike Britt, Ms. Pat and Derek Seguin. If you want to hear very inappropriate things, then you’re going to enjoy The Nasty Show.

Kelly does a good job hosting and talking to a young man, telling him to “enjoy the pubes” while he can. “The older you get, the smaller your group of friends,” he says about how he cut people from his life if they do something he doesn’t like. “You have no meat at your party? See you later couscous girl!”

Mike Britt has a suggestion for all the women in relationships. “When you man does something on his own, without you asking, push him down and suck his dick. Your life will change!” His wife did that once when he cleaned the house and she told him after the act, “That’s what you get when the house smells like lavender.” An audience member, Anna, is asked if she slept with a black man. She answers that she has a purple cock and the answer makes the night of the comedians.

Montreal native comedian Derek Seguin who is recently single, started dating online. According to him, women reach their sexual peak at 45. He dated a woman who wanted to have sex six times per night. “Men can’t say no to sex because women will remember in 35 years.”

Nikki Glaser represents the millennial generation so well. She didn’t wear make-up in her 20s because if she met a guy, he’d see her for who she is. Today, she says “Bitch, wear your mask, you’re 34!” Guys on dating apps don’t have good photos because unlike girls, they don’t have wedding photographers with them, constantly telling them they look good and take dozens of photos. She prefers that guys write nothing on their profiles because it sounds less creepy to her.

I get the chance to talk to Ms. Pat before the show and ask what we should expect. “Honesty!” she responds, “All kinds of nasty stuff that my kids never heard me say before.” Her children aren’t aware that their mother uses them in jokes because “That’s how their mama make a living, waiting on them to mess up.”

Ms. Pat says, “Black women don’t get kidnapped because we kidnap proof” since the first thing kidnappers do is grab your hair. Everyone knows that you don’t touch a black woman’s hair. You gonna go down if you do. Her daughter is so gay, she eats pussy better than her two sons. Ms. Pat once asked how her daughter became gay, to which she responded “I’m gay because I licked you on the way out.”

Recently married Brad Williams closes the show and he says that the night would be better because “A midget told me jokes!” When men ask the question, “Should I pull my dick out?” when with a woman, he says the answer is no! “It won’t impress her, show her your credit score.” His wife is half Chinese and he hoped she’d have a Chinese accent but she has an accent from Wisconsin. “I wanted an Asian whore, not a cast member of Fargo,” he says.

I highly recommend watching The Nasty Show if you want to have a fun night out with friends. I don’t recommend going with your parents, though.

The Nasty Show runs as part of Just for Laughs from July 20 to 28, 2018 at 8:30 p.m. at the MTelus Theatre. Tickets: $52.50-$62.52. Click HERE for details.